Park Royal sure looks great on a warm summer day. The bright sunshine really shows the separation of colour in our grass blades. The contrast between the two tones are what makes this grass a crowd favourite.

The field green gives it that natural beauty and the emerald green puts on the finishing touches. If the look of a perfectly manicured lawn that receives plenty of fertilizer is your destiny, this grass is for you.

Park Royal could save you some time and energy to put back into doing things more satisfying than yardwork. Chores that have been a weekend staple all summer long can now be a thing of the past.

While most of these perfect lawns only look great throughout the summer months, a yard surfaced with Park Royal will hold its beauty for years to come no matter the season.

For full product descriptions of Park Royal and other selections, see our product page here.

Posted On: Thursday July 27, 2017
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