If you’re starting your next artificial grass project, you’re going to need more than just artificial grass! Luckily Bella Turf is a one-stop shop for all of your artificial turf supplies and artificial putting green needs. With only the highest quality artificial grass products, Bella Turf’s accessory products guarantee a successful turf installation. From golf cups that are built for durability to turf spikes that will improve the longevity of the grass, Bella Turf is guaranteed to have what you need!
golf cups for artificial grass putting greens

Golf Cups

If you want the ultimate golf cups for your next backyard putting green project – you’ve come to the right place! Bella Turf’s Golf Cups have been specifically manufactured to withstand the extreme Canadian temperates. These cups are built for durability and have been designed with minimum taper to ensure a snug fit. They have been tried and tested on over 1000 Bella Turf Golf Greens with exceptional results.

Each golf cup comes in a brilliant white colour that is guaranteed to stand out once installed. These cups are the perfect addition to your fake grass putting green and are sure to make your friends and neighbours jealous!

Golf Flags & Pins

Bella Turf’s Golf Flags and Pins make every putting green stand out. Sold as separate items, the pins are built with the same durability and quality artificial turf that Bella Turf is renowned for. Each pin will easily fit into the cup and with a grooved base design, the flag is guaranteed to stand straight up.

If you want to enhance your putting green grass, Bella Turf offers four golf flag options that are easily attached to the pins. You can spruce up your backyard golf green with a bright yellow flag, keep contrast with a brilliant white flag, or get the best of both worlds with a checkered flag. Each flag has also been constructed with highest quality materials to help it withstand the extreme highs and lows of Canadian weather.

Make your artificial grass putting green the talk of the town with Bella Turf’s ultra-high quality putting green kit Flags & Pins.

golf flags and pins for artificial grass putting greens
turf spikes for artificial grass and putting greens

Turf Spikes

A Turf Spike is used to secure your artificial grass to the ground and prevent the edges from peeling away from the landscape. Bella Turf’s Turf Spikes have been tried and tested in over 1000 projects. These spikes are the best of the best when it comes to installing artificial grass. Chosen for their durable design capable of withstanding extreme Canadian temperatures, these Turf Spikes will increase the longevity of your synthetic grass, saving you money long-term.

If you’re starting your next project and want to keep your Bella Turf Synthetic Turf looking great as long as possible, get Bella Turf’s Turf Spikes today!

Seam Tape

Don’t buy off-the-shelf seam tape from just anywhere. If you want your seam to last, you’ll want to get Bella Turf’s heavy duty artificial grass Seam Tape.

Bella Turf’s Seam Tape is the same thing professionals use on high-end synthetic grass installations and sports arena turfs. It is a non-porous material that prevents adhesive from seeping through, making a more secure bind and preventing the edges from peeling away over time.

The heavy duty material of the seam tape is ideal for extreme Canadian temperatures and will significantly increase the lifespan of your artificial grass.

Need some help? Check out our Tips and Tricks page with tips and tricks from our expert artificial grass installers!

Seam Tape bellaturf
Fake Grass Seam Tape

Simple Seam

Simple Seam, our self adhesive seam tape is designed to hold artificial grass seams in place without the use of the traditional 2 part seaming process. Skipping the glue application saves a significant amount of time and allows seams to be finished ahead of schedule.

Bella Turf’s Simple Seam is an 8-inch wide butyl tape specially formulated for seaming artificial grass. The tape is produced on a puncture proof reinforced aluminum backing. Simple Seam is easy to apply, yet will not lose it’s tack in wet conditions. Unlike most other artificial grass seam tape on the market, Simple Seam tape will not crack or age under UV.

Benefits of Simple Seam:

  • Extremely Easy to Apply
  • Superior Adhesion even in wet conditions
  • Long-Term Durability
  • Excellent Flexibility Over Wide Temperature Range
  • No VOC

Heavy Duty Weather Resistant Flooring Tape

Permanent heavy duty, weather resistant tape.

Bella Turf’s Flooring Tape is a solvent-based putty tape with a strong initial tack that allows it to instantly bond the artificial grass to any solid surfaces including concrete, wood, plastic, and rubber roofing —including those where moisture is a factor.

Turf Renu

Keep your artificial grass at its best with Turf Renu. Turf Renu is premium artificial turf pet stain and odour removal cleaner that was designed with your family in mind. It is 100% environmentally safe and biodegradable with no harmful or toxic ingredients. With Turf Renu you can even spray your grass while your kids and pets are playing. Unlike other synthetic turf cleaning products, the Turf Renu is a hypo allergenic product to keep you sane in the summer seasons.

Turf Renu can be used in an unlimited number of applications including: bathroom floors, multi-purpose fields, commercial artificial turf, sink drains, septic tanks and grease traps to name only a few.

If you want to keep your family healthy and your turf in perfect condition – you need Turf Renu.

turf renu artificial grass deodorizer
turf tac artificial grass seam glue for artificial grass installation


TURFTAC Seam Glue is the installers choice for synthetic turf adhesives. TURFTAC Seam Glue is an eco-friendly and cost-effective artificial turf adhesive that was designed to be completely non-toxic and non-hazardous. Unlike other turf adhesives, the TURFTAC Seam Glue contains no acetone or solvents; it will not dry out or crack over time and easily withstands the extreme temperates changes in a Canadian climate, and it is perfectly pet-safe (just like our Paw Pro Artificial Grass designed for Pets)

Don’t risk ruining your grass with cheap alternatives. TURFTAC Seam Glue will maximize the lifespan of your fake grass installation and allow you to spend less time worrying and more time outside with your family.

Bella Turf artificial turf products are sold across Canada. Please find the closest Bella Turf Dealer to you using our Dealer Locator. We supply Artificial Grass in Vancouver. Purchase Artificial Grass in Toronto through our Authorized Bella Turf Dealers. A large number of artificial turf dealers stock Bella Turf Grass in Calgary, Alberta as well.