Grass Maintenance

Installing artificial grass is an investment that is usually made to improve the look and usability of one’s outdoor living areas. With Bella Turf installed in place of natural grass, traditional lawn maintenance like mowing, weed wacking, watering, weeding and fertilizing are a thing of the past. Although artificial grass requires none of these chores, there are a few things you can do to maintain it’s beauty over the years.

Remove Debris from Grass

It’s inevitable that leaves, sticks, pine needles and other debris will end up on your grass throughout the seasons. If your grass is cleaned off before the debris has a chance to break down or decompose, your grass is less likely to be filled up with unwanted particles. Our tool of choice for this process is a leaf blower, but a leaf rake or stiff bristle push broom will get the job done as well.

Remove Debris from Artificial Grass
Deodorize Artificial Grass to Remove Pet Odours

Deodorize to Remove Pet Odours

Any area that your pets choose to use as a relief area will have an unpleasant odour to it. Fortunately with artificial grass installed, getting rid of unwanted odours is an easy task. Although rain does a great job of washing away the majority of these odours, sometimes a little added cleaning power is required. After removing any surface debris, we recommend using Turf Renu artificial grass pet deodorizer on your grass. Simply attach the bottle to your garden hose and spray the soiled areas. Rinsing with water first will allow the Turf Renu to penetrate further into the area and better treat the unwanted odours.

Revitalize your Grass Blades

Similar to high traffic areas on carpet, artificial grass will experience some light wear depending on your product of choice. Our more resilient high-durability artificial turf products featuring shaped yarns will have more of a self-correcting effect when experiencing high traffic, but our less resilient flat yarn products will need some attention if installed in high traffic areas. We recommend using a power broom to revitalize any trampled areas, but a stiff bristled push broom and some manpower will bring them back to life as well.

Revitalize your Artificial Grass Blades

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