Our artificial grass products will transform the aesthetics of your landscape no matter what system you choose. The work that goes into the base beneath the grass is the most important factor to creating a long lasting install that is both beautiful and functional. Bella Turf has developed base model systems that have been used and proven for 15+ years. Following the models that we have recommended will ensure the stability and integrity of your artificial grass installation.


Consult Bella Turf when installing in ambient temperature of 5c. or less.

Artificial Grass

  • If replacing natural grass with artificial grass, you first want to remove your existing grass and soil to a depth of 4 – 12 inches.
  • If new construction, allow for 4 inches of aggregate on top of your final grade.
  • Ideally your sub base should slope towards the direction you wish the water to drain to.
  • Cover the entire project area with 4 – 12 inches of 3⁄4” crush & fines.
  • Rake smooth, water thoroughly and compact.
  • Fill any low spots, shave off any bumps, water again, and give it a final compaction.

Artificial Golf Greens

  • Begin by marking out the overall shape of your outdoor putting green, including fringe.
  • With a flathead shovel, cut a sharp edge around your entire project area, and remove existing grass and soil to a depth of 6 inches.
  • Place 2 inches of 3⁄4” clear crush over the entire area, rake evenly, and compact. Roll out landscape fabric or filter cloth over the clear crush overlapping seams.
  • Place 4 – 12 inches of 3⁄4” crush & fines on top of fabric and rake evenly.
  • Add any desired elevation changes you wish to see in your putting green, water thoroughly and compact.
  • Fill any low spots, shave off any bumps, and give it another compaction.
  • Finish off with 1⁄2” of crusher fines or rock dust.
  • Spread evenly, water and compact. Use a lawn roller to remove any lines or bumps left by the compactor.


  • Mark out cup locations and dig a 12 inch deep hole with a post hole digger.
  • Fill the bottom 4 – 12 inches with 3⁄4” clear crush and compact with a 2×4 and hammer.
  • Cover with landscape fabric and add 2-3 inches of 3⁄4” crush & fines.
  • Place the cup in the hole and with a 2×4 and hammer, pack it down until it sits 1⁄4” above the base
  • Hold the cup in place and fill the gaps around it with 3⁄4” crush & fines.
  • Add 2-3” at a time and pack down with the butt of the hammer.
  • Finish the final surface with crusher fines and pack smooth with 2×4 and a hammer.