Have you ever dreamed about owning your very own golf resort? With Bella Turf’s Putting Green Kits you now have that chance! Bella Turf’s kits come in three different styles and two distinct shapes that pair perfectly in any Canadian landscape. These putting green kits come fully loaded with everything you’ll need including Bella Turf’s resort quality putting green grass: Country Club. Country Club is Bella Turf’s ultimate putting green grass modeled to look and feel like the world-renowned Augusta National Golf Club. Regardless of whether you’re a novice landscaper or a seasoned veteran, each putting green kit also comes with detailed step-by-step instructions to guarantee the best installation possible. It’s time to make your dreams come true – transform your life and your putting game with one of Bella Turf’s top of the line Putting Green Kits.

10º COOLER on the hottest days
ELEGANT and lush aesthetic
SIMPLE designed for DIYers
PERFORMANCE serious golfers will love
ULTRA-SOFT that feels like pure heaven
CUSTOMIZABLE build your perfect green
10 year bella turf artificial turf warranty seal
artificial turf putting green kit diagram

The Ultimate Weekend Project!

Do-it-yourself Putting Green Kit, fully customizable and looks great!

If you’re looking for your next ultimate home improvement; look no further! Bella Turf’s putting green kits are DYI (do-it-yourself). Bella Turf’s putting green kits were designed to fit into any landscape (this could be a putting green for your backyard or an indoor putting green) and they always look great! Each putting green kit comes with the base foundation you’ll need to install a simple putting green or a complex mini-golf course. From professional golfers to families with children, each putting green kit has been designed to make installation easy and the possibilities limitless!

Each Bella Turf putting green kit come with: Fringe Grass (Sierra Pacific Lite), Putting Green Grass (Country Club), Simple Seam Seam Tape, Spikes and up to 4 Cups, Pins & Flags. The Country Club putting green grass is one of Bella Turf’s top putting green grasses with a ball roll speed of 9.5-11 on the stimp meter.

To make installation as easy as possible, Bella Turf’s offers an online easy to follow step-by-step video tutorial on how to install your Bella Turf putting green kit. Even if you’ve never touched a shovel, by following along with the putting green kit videos online, you’ll be able to easily install your very own putting green kit.

If you’ve started your own project and need some help, feel free to give one of our agents a call and you’ll receive our best-in-class support directly over the phone!

Available in 3 Different Styles

Install the Perfect Putting Green for your Individual Space

10 foot by 13 foot kidney bean shaped artificial grass putting green kit

10′ x 13′ Kidney Bean

The 10’ x 13’ Kidney Bean Putting Green Kit is a traditional and functional shape that will fit most properties. This kit is perfect for smaller artificial turf landscape projects that need an entertainment area; like all of our kits, this putting green kit will come with everything you need to enhance your putting game!

This putting green kit includes:

13′ x 20′ Hour Glass

The 13’ x 20’ Hour Glass Putting Green Kit brings the quality and performance of a luxury golf resort to your home. With its unique shape and larger size, this putting green kit will wow your neighbours; Bella Turf putting green kits are easy to install and the great memories you’ll have playing on this grass are completely free!

This putting green kit includes:

13 foot by 20 foot hour glass shaped artificial grass putting green kit
13 foot by 20 foot kidney bean shaped artificial grass putting green kit

13′ x 20′ Kidney Bean

The 13’ x 20’ Kidney Bean Putting Green Kit is a larger version of the 10’ x 13’ kit. This kit has an eye-catching, functional design that will enhance any property or landscape. The larger size of this kit can support larger parties with an additional flag and cup. It is the perfect addition to any house looking to build an outdoor entertainment area with artificial turf.

This putting green kit includes:

The Putting Green Kits are surprisingly easy to install and fun for the whole family!

— John Davids

Putting Green Kit Installation

This Putting Green Kit includes:

Putting Green, Fringe Grass, Spikes, Simple Seam Seam Tape.  Base materials and infill not included.

bella turf putting green kit do it yourself in box