Some might abandon their backyards when the snow starts to fall, but not those with Bella Turf in place of natural grass. Bella Turf products can withstand the harshest Canadian winters and if maintained properly, can even be enjoyed throughout the winter months.

If the weather forecast is calling for snow, make sure your entire artificial grass surface is cleaned off. That is, if you plan on creating a useful winter wonderland once the snow falls. If not, let it snow. It will NOT do any harm to your grass. This is a huge benefit to any homeowner. For the kids and pets, it just adds a fun and exciting element to their already awesome play space. No mud, just snow!

Bella Turf grass products have superior drainage properties and can turn even the wettest of snowfalls into a slush-free winter play land. The majority of the moisture runs through the grass and drains deep into the base beneath leaving only the frozen snow particles on the surface. For a better look at our recommended base model, click HERE.

This makes for easy clearing as well as scooping and piling for creating your own winter fun to enjoy with the kids. If you DO want to remove snow from your artificial grass, keep a few things in mind to prevent any damage to your grass blades.

  • Clear the snow when it is fresh and soft. Waiting too long will allow the snow to really attach itself to your grass in subzero temperatures.
  • Use a plastic snow shovel, and don’t attempt to clear snow if it is frozen to your artificial grass.
  • Avoid using salts or ice melt on your artificial grass.

Get out there and enjoy the winter months on your Bella Turf lawn.


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