An underlay that’s like walking on clouds

Have you ever wanted to feel what it was like to walk on the clouds? Now you can with Bella Turf’s own Turf Cloud artificial grass underlay. The Turf Cloud is the ultimate artificial grass add-on that adds extra padding to your grass and makes every step feel softer and more enjoyable. It is a form underlay that not only enhances the feeling of your artificial grass, it also increases the turfs life expectancy and improves the turfs ability for the fibres to bounce back after they have been compressed. The Turf Cloud is ideal for playgrounds, sports areas, areas with small children and any area that you want to enhance the overall feeling of the landscape. Treat you, your family and your pets to the Turf Cloud – they’ll love you for it.


Bella Turf offers the most realistic artificial grass you will ever see. We have artificial grass for every situation and it is easy to buy and simple to install.

Foam Underlay for Astro Turf

Walk on the Clouds with Turf Cloud

Enhance your grass and make every step feel like pure heaven.

Make your yard safer and softer for the recreational family that play sports or may have a playground for the little ones. The Turf Cloud is a foam underlay that adds extra padding to every step making the artificial grass softer and much more enjoyable to walk or lay on.

The added cushion of the Turf Cloud also enhances the blade bounce back. Turf Cloud’s added cushioning makes the artificial grass blades more responsive and keeps them standing tall.

If you’re concerned about water drainage – don’t worry! The Turf Cloud does not absorb any moisture as it has been manufacturered with a unique closed cell foam. The “x” cut-out pattern allows for maximum drainage without compromising the durability of the underlay. This makes it a perfect product for all applications including Pets.

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your new maintenance free backyard destination, the Turf Cloud will make your grass even better! Get out, play some sports, or even spend some time sun tanning—you won’t believe your new grass is artificial!

The Turf Cloud feels Fantastic! As a family that loves sports – I’m really glad we made made the decision to use it!

— The Robinson’s Family

Recommended Applications

The ideal systems for the Turf Cloud foam insert

Pet friendly artificial grass icon

Pet System

Perfect for a house with pets

Sports icon

Sports System

Perfect for sports and games areas

Landscape artificial grass icon

All Landscapes

Perfect for home or commercial use

Playground Icon

Playground System

Perfect for high-traffic areas with kids

Product Specifications

Everything you’ll need to know – and more!


Bella Turf offers the most realistic artificial grass you’ll ever see. We have artificial grass for every situation and it’s easy to buy and simple to Install.

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