Putting Greens

Bella Turf Putting Greens are as close to a real “Country Club” green as you can find.

A 3-foot putt and a 300-yard drive each count as one stroke. Do you practice both equally? Bella Turf Putting Greens are as close to a real “Country Club” green as you can find, and will transform your yard into a fun place for all to enjoy. Now friends & family can practice putting and chipping in your backyard, basement or wherever you choose. Golf during the rain, snow or even after dark. Challenge friends to a friendly competition and teach your kids golf’s fundamentals.

With our products you can create your ideal putting green, whether it is in a townhouse complex, recreational facility or right in your own backyard. Turn your landscape into an enjoyable, usable space with Bella Turf ‘s state of the art putting greens.

Through decades of hands on experience, the Bella Turf product line was designed and created to blend into Canadian landscapes. Our products showcase some of today’s most innovative technologies and come in several styles and tones.

Putting Green Tips

Your putting green will perform to it’s full potential with the right infill installed. Although some claim to have non-infill grass, the role that the infill plays is too crucial to skip. The infill supports the green at the base, forcing them to stand upright and be able to self-correct when pushed over. Our putting greens are infilled with a fine 50/100 grit sand. This makes for a smooth putting surface for years to come.

Installing the cups requires attention to detail and a bit of patience. You want to ensure that your cup is secured and your base is perfect around the cup. To prevent your cups from shifting over the years, we recommend the following base model around your cups.

Build the Landscape Base

Although the grass is the main focal point, what goes in the grass as well as beneath the grass can make or break a great install. The base you build in preparation for installing your grass is the foundation for your new surface area. To get the most out of your new grass, we recommend the following base model.

Benefits of a Putting Green with Bella Turf

  • Cut strokes off of your handicap
  • Realistic ball roll and bounce
  • Fun for children
  • Entertain guests
  • Usable all year long
  • Practice your short game at home
  • No mowing
  • No watering
  • No weeding
  • No fertilizers
  • Free of dirt and debris

Want to Learn More?

If you are ready to install your own Bella Turf putting green and say goodbye to frustration on the course, visit a dealer near you or contact us for more info.

Pre-made putting green kits are available for your convenience.