Artificial turf can reach new heights when installed on a flat rooftop. Since these resilient synthetic greens don’t need the maintenance that comes with natural grass, such as mowing, watering, and weeding, you can put it practically anywhere and it will always look good. But why would you want it on your roof?


Rooftop grass


1) Added Space

“I have too much space,” said no one ever. Many people overlook the potential of their rooftop space. While not everyone is able to utilize this space, if you can, you should. By adding some roof-top turf, you will ensure that this space is ready for any activity you want. Host a roof-top party!


2) The Aesthetics

A lot of roofs don’t look very nice. By installing artificial turf, your roof will no longer be an eyesore. With the addition of patio furniture and garden decor, you can really spruce up the exterior appearance of your building and raise your property value.


3) Cleanliness

Artificial grass is a much cleaner alternative to natural grass. Kids can play on the synthetic grass without tracking dirt into the house, so it results in less housework. Rest easy about mud, bugs, and weeds getting all over your floors.


4) Safety

No fertilizers or pesticides are needed for artificial grass, so your kids can play on it without getting toxic chemicals on them.


5) Longevity

Artifical turf installed on your rooftop lasts for years. Although the initial expense is costly, artificial turf is an investment that has a long-lasting return. At Bella Turf we have a 10-year warranty on our artificial grass products so you can feel confident about your purchase.


Safety Precautions

There are many benefits to installing artificial grass on your roof, however some precautions should be taken before installation:

  • Research the feasibility of having rooftop turf. It doesn’t always make sense for everyone.
  • Check the load-bearing capacity, water resistance, and other aspects of your roof.
  • Always consult a certified construction company to examine your rooftop.
  • Be sure to get approval from your strata or property management company.


Will it get too hot? Check out our Turf Tips and Tricks blog for more information about maintaining artificial grass during the hot season.



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Posted On: Monday August 26, 2019
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