When installing artificial grass, you’ll often have to cut some lengths off of a roll to configure your turf plan just right.

Here in this linked video, we go over the most efficient way to get your job done in a timely manner and keep a nice square shape to your roll’s end after making your cuts.

Watch video explanation HERE.

Tools needed: Tape measure, chalk line, sharp blade.

Step 1.) Measure desired length and mark the edge of the backing with your blade. Measure from end of backing, not fibers. Repeat on other side.

Step 2.) Roll the artificial grass back up until your measured cut marks land on top of the roll.

Step 3.) Snap a chalk line between your 2 points.

Step 4.) With your blade just long enough to break the backing, keep a steady hand and cut down the roll until your piece is free.

Step 5.) Install!

Posted On: Tuesday October 3, 2017
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