The base building techniques that we have built our reputation on remain the benchmark in the industry today. Our team of certified installers are well trained on what it takes to create a base that will perform as well as our grass. A proper base build surfaced with any of our beautiful grasses will create an area that remains firm for years to come. Our grass products are made with drain holes every 6 inches to allow for water to percolate through at a very high rate.

Installing Bella Turf essentially turns your entire yard into a French drain. That being said, bring on the summer fun! Whether its a pool, a slip n’ slide, a sprinkler, or just a good old fashioned water fight, the days of a soggy yard are long gone. Once the water is off and the fun is over, your grass is still green and lush with a firm base beneath it.

If it sounds too good to be true and you need the facts, check out our percolation video here.

Before cranking on that hose, be sure to check your local water restrictions.

Posted On: Tuesday July 18, 2017
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