Seam Tape

Don’t buy off-the-shelf seam tape from just anywhere. If you want your seam to last, you’ll want to get Bella Turf’s heavy duty artificial grass Seam Tape.

Bella Turf’s Seam Tape is the same thing professionals use on high-end synthetic grass installations and sports arena turfs. It is a non-porous material that prevents adhesive from seeping through, making a more secure bind and preventing the edges from peeling away over time.

The heavy duty material of the seam tape is ideal for extreme Canadian temperatures and will significantly increase the lifespan of your artificial grass.

Need some help? Check out our Tips and Tricks page with tips and tricks from our expert artificial grass installers!

Seam Tape bellaturf
COOLER on the hottest days
ODOR BLOCKER for happier pets and owners!
10 year bella turf artificial turf warranty seal
TIME SAVINGS low-maintenance product
PET FRIENDLY your pets will thank you!

Golf Cups is hands down the BEST pet friendly infill.

— Maria Kamyszek


The ideal systems for the Golf Cups artificial grass infill

Pet friendly artificial grass icon

Pet System

Perfect for a house with pets

Landscape artificial grass icon

Designer Landscapes

Any low-traffic landscape areas

Posted On: Tuesday April 20, 2021
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