Sierra Pacific – Lite

Premium Quality & Durability with a Natural texture

Looking for that artificial turf with a natural texture that is ideal for the nature lover and garden enthusiast. The Sierra Pacific – Lite blends authentic olive and field greens with a warm dry yellow and forest green thatch. Installing Sierra Pacific – Lite will allow you to focus more time in your gardens where you’ll see the true beauty and colours accent your home.

Designed with Bella Turf’s U-Shape™ fibers, the Sierra Pacific lite offers one of the most textured and elegant aesthetics in the artificial grass line-up. Capable of handling moderate traffic, It is the perfect grass for both your front  and back yard or around pools, gardens, dog runs and even on decks. With the lower fiber height the transition plays exceptionally well around putting greens.   

 If you want to enhance your landscape and give your property that “natural textured” aesthetic – the Sierra Pacific – Lite is the product of choice.

  • 10º Cooler

    on the hottest days

  • Durable

    U-Shape™ technology

  • Elegant

    and lush aesthetic

  • Ultra-Soft

    it feels like pure heaven!

  • No Shine

    or glare grass blades

  • Pet Friendly

    your pets will thank you!

 Sierra Pacific Lite Closeup

U-Shape™ Technology

Texture designed, durable, U-shaped blade structure

Bella Turf set to design a natural look with it’s durable U blade technology. Sierra Pacific-Lite has a pile height of 1.5 inches and a tuft gauge of a ½ inch which gives a textured surface and reviles  the natural coloured thatch.  SP Lite offers a prestigious and elegant look that comes in at a great price point while not sacrificing quality and durability. SP Lite is the perfect solution to fool your neighbours into thinking you have a natural lawn.

Bella Turf’s custom Designed U-Shape™ Technology stands apart from the competitor’s artificial grasses with three significant differences:

  1. The blade structure is more durable and is able to stand taller and bounce back faster after it has been compressed.
  2. The unique U shape blade structure  deflects more light and doesn’t absorb as much heat which keeps the grass up to 10º cooler than the standard flat blade grasses.
  3. The deflection of more light also makes the blade structure appear more realistic by minimizing the blade sheen and glare.

Make your yard the talk of the town with Sierra Pacific’s ultra realistic, durable and elegant artificial grass.

Outstanding! This grass looks amazing! So glad I found Bella Turf! Thanks Guys!!!

Thomas Michaud

Fiber Tolerance

The Sierra Pacific - Lite can handle moderate foot traffic. It is built for every day use and is the perfect product for your next project.

Commercial Applications

The Sierra Pacific - Lite has been designed to handle moderate traffic in dense metropolitan areas.

  • Boulevards

    Perfect for high-traffic commercial areas

  • Medians

    Perfect for enhancing medians

Residential Applications

The Sierra Pacific - Lite is a top choice for any of your residential applications.

  • Pet System

    Perfect for a house with pets

  • All Landscapes

    Perfect for home or commercial use

Product Specifications

Everything you’ll need to know - and more!

Infill Options

The recommended infills for your next project

  • PureZeo

    1.25 lbs per sq ft

  • Envirofill

    1.5 to 2 lbs per sq ft

  • 20/40 Silica

    1.5 to 2 lbs per sq ft

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