Happy homeowners around the world are discovering the many benefits of installing artificial grass lawns. The easy maintenance and perpetual good-looks of artificial turf bring their owners more happiness than traditional grass. Here are 10 reasons why artificial grass owners are happier:

1) Low Maintenance Costs

When making big purchases, smart people consider the cost of ownership over time, rather than just the initial purchase price. Good investments yield good returns, and artificial grass is no exception. Comparatively, artificial grass costs far less to maintain than a natural grass lawn. Owners save on their water bills, landscaping, and even the cost of lawnmowers. Artificial grass owners can relax knowing that they’ll have perfect grass year-round without paying a fortune to maintain it. Everyone loves to save money!

2) More Free Time With Family

Time is money, and artificial grass saves owners a lot of it. Owners have said goodbye to mowing, watering, weeding, and fertilizing. They’ve stopped wasting time scheduling landscapers and gardeners. They no longer compete with neighbors for the nicest lawn on the block, because it’s always them, regardless of water restrictions and pest infestations. Their lawns always look perfectly green and freshly cut, without wasting time that could be better spent with loved ones. Imagine what you could you do with all the time you save!

3) The Kids Are Alright

Artificial grass owners have peace of mind knowing their kids can play safely in their yard without being exposed to pesticides, hard surfaces, and stinging insects. Our artificial lawn and accessories are non-toxic and kid-safe. Contrary to popular belief, the surface of artificial grass is actually softer than natural grass. This means hitting the ground hard is less likely to bruise and break young bones. With our Turf Cloud and Turf Cloud Flow products, kids are afforded additional protection from trips and falls. This means happier kids and happier parents.

4) Keeping Up With Appearances

Artificial turf is beautiful and realistic-looking, which really spices up the exterior aesthetics of homes. For those looking to sell, artificial lawns impress potential buyers, increasing the home’s value (how does a 100-200% return on investment sound?) as well as reducing the time it takes to sell. Owners of artificial grass can also feel confident hosting outdoor lawn parties and take pride in their landscaping. Guests even compliment them on how green and perfect it looks! So go ahead and upgrade to a Bella Turf lawn, and plan those backyard get-togethers you’ve always wanted.
Artifical grass in front lawn of residential home

5) Feeling Better By Going Green

Artificial turf is green in more ways than one. Most people don’t realize how harmful their natural lawns can be to the environment. Watering grass accounts for one of the world’s biggest wastes of water. Live grass also requires fertilizers and pesticides to stay looking good, and these aren’t good for the environment, especially when much of it’s flushed down the drain, literally! Bella Turf artificial grass also helps keep garbage out of landfills by utilizing used tires in the manufacturing process. Owners of artificial grass feel better knowing they’re doing their part to help the environment. Buy a Bella Turf lawn and reduce, reuse and recycle for a happier planet, and a happier you.

6) Less Worrying About Pets

Grass, weeds, and bugs can cause allergies for pets. Artificial grass relieves a home’s four-legged friends from itchy eyes and skin. Our artificial grass pet systems are safe for all animals. Homeowners often use artificial grass to create a “cooler” temperate area for pets to walk on, as asphalt and concrete can burn paws. It also has great drainage which allows liquids to pass through. Bella Turf artificial grass is designed with pets in mind. Happier pets mean happier owners.

7) More Worry-Free Fun

Artificial grass owners are happier because they can be more active in their own yards. Bella Turf lawns are perfect for any activity, from soccer, to golf, to bocce ball. Our Eagle Putt turf is especially made for sports such as soccer, providing resilient surfaces year-round in any weather. Owners don’t worry about it turning to mud in the rain, or causing it damage from running or sliding. They don’t worry about damage to themselves either, since artificial lawns have cloud-like underlays to cushion falls, such as our Turf Cloud Flow and Turf Cloud underlays. The versatility, safety, and consistency of artificial grass provide endless worry-free fun.

playing golf on artificial grass

8) Greener Pastures For Condo Owners

Apartment dwellers can sometimes feel like they’re missing out on garden life… but not if they own artificial grass! With Bella Turf they can create their own perfect lawn anywhere they like and enjoy the best of both worlds. Artificial grass is particularly popular in dense cities such as Toronto and Vancouver where natural grass isn’t always possible. They use the grass on their balconies, inside for their pets, and sometimes even on their roofs!

9) Skipping the Dirt

Artificial grass helps keep the outside of the house stay outside the house, as there’s no mud or sand to track in. Owners’ kids can play inside and out all day while keeping mess to a minimum. Even their significant others are happier, as husbands have no grass cuttings to rake and wives have less dirty floors to scrub.

10) Relieving Stress Long Term

Owners of Bella Turf lawns can kick back and relax without having to worry about fixing, replacing or watering their lawns, as our turf maintains its color, texture, and appeal for more than a decade. With minimal upkeep artificial grass outlasts natural lawns, continuing to add value to the property for years. Helping to keep owners’ minds at ease, our artificial grass also comes with a 10-year warranty when installed by an authorized Bella Turf dealer.


Artificial lawn owners are happier people! Between its cost-savings, low maintenance, comfort and safety, the entire family benefits. We’ve spread this happiness to hundreds of homeowners, and we can for you as well. When you’re ready to join the club, contact one of our authorized Bella Turf artificial grass installers, located across Canada.

Posted On: Wednesday August 14, 2019
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