One excellent reason to use residential artificial turf for backyard landscaping is to add greenery and save water in homes located in extremely arid climates where natural grass won’t grow. It also looks good in areas where little sunlight is received during the day. But don’t just stop there…below we have listed 7 additional ideas for how to use synthetic lawn to improve your property.


1. Your Whole Lawn

artificial grass lawn in residential front yard

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way, the most formal use of Artificial Grass is to replace natural grass or sod on your home lawns. Artificial Grass is an incredible, eco-friendly alternative, to maintaining a natural grass lawn. Give up the mower (sell it!), and give in to the future. Artifiical grass is the worry-free solution for a perfect lawn all-year-round.


2. Fake Grass Between Patio Stones

artificial grass with paver stones for landscape design

Using fake grass for patio landscaping might be a great way to use up your leftover wastage pieces after you’ve installed the main lawn. It’s perfect for small green areas within a rock landscape and other places you wouldn’t want to take a lawnmower. The Articifial Grass also keeps your feet cleaner than they’d would be walking directly on the patio.


3. Astro Turf for Dogs

dogs laying on artificial grass in backyard

There are fake grasses especially made for dogs. At Bella Turf our pet-friendly reccommendation is: Bella Turf Paw Pro. Look into K9 Grass—it’s very durable, and resisting dogs who love to dig. It drains well, and it is safe for your fur babies. Coated with antimicrobial agents, it’s also clean. Dogs don’t seem to mind the fake grass when doing their business, and the urine washes away with a hose spray. If you need it, there is also an artificial grass odor eliminator product available from Bella Turf, called Turf Renu.


4. Artificial Grass Around Pool

artificial grass used alongside infinity pool in vancouver bc

Artificial grass around the pool will always look good, even after any number of splashes with chlorinated or salt water. It’s not affected by pool chemicals, and the water drains safely away. It provides a safe, nonslip surface for all family members. Create a seamless landscape by combining synethic grass with your in-ground pool.


5. Artificial Grass Wall

artificial grass used on wall inside of home

A synthetic grass wall is an excellent backdrop for pictures, portraits, the cake table, or alongside the fence in your backyard. It can hide unsightly views and provide privacy which is another reason why restaurants and businesses across the country are using articial grass as a value-add for their business; Customers love it and artificial grass saves money on property maintenance.


6. Artificial Grass Roof

artificial grass on roof top

You can install artificial grass on a rooftop or a balcony for a green look and insulating properties. If you live in an apartment or condominium, it can be a good alternative to having real grass, where it’s not practical. Your pets, and your building’s strata committee will love your fake grass.


7. Soundproofing

artificial grass putting green system in business office indoor

A little know fact is that artificial grass can be attached to a patio, shed walls, or in the home office, to absorb sound and provide some privacy. If you need some added privacy, consider using Artificial Grass as a sound-dampering, privacy-adding home add-on. Plus, your home will be green all-year-round. Does it get any better than that?


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Posted On: Monday November 25, 2019
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