Cutting artificial grass around objects can be intimidating for some.

It’s not like sod where you can just chop up small chunks and patch in the holes.

Utilizing a sharp blade and a precise cut will leave you with a finished edge that looks great for years to come.

Follow Nate from Bella Turf in our video below for 3 useful tips when cutting artificial turf in a particularly challenging landscape design.


Cutting Artificial Grass To A Curved Edge

YouTube video


From our video:

“Here we have a unique cut. A square finished edge has been converted to a curve with the use of Precision Edge garden edging. The turf has approximately 2lbs of infill per sq ft in it, so the cut is a bit more difficult than if we were laying down a new piece.”

– Nate B, Professional Artificial Grass Installer at Bella Turf



3 Tips for Cutting Artificial Grass to a Curved Edge


1. Use a sharp knife

This is essential to any professional installation. Use a sharp knife and cut a little at a time. Check your work often so any mistake is small and not noticeable.


2. Cut from the bottom up

Cut from underneath (by rolling the backing back) to avoid cutting the the grass blades on top. Using an “up and back” motion with your blade. This will reduce the amount of blades you loose while cutting the turf.


3. Leave about 1/8 inch gap between the artificial grass and your landscape edging.

Using the edging and your blade, keep about 1/8th inch of free space between the turf and edging product. You don’t want the grass too far or to close from the edge.


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