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1. The Best Artificial Grass for Beautiful Landscapes

With decades of hands-on experience, Bella Turf has developed an artificial grass product line specifically tailored to fit into Canadian landscapes. Their artificial grass features innovative blade designs and is available in various styles and tones. Engineered to withstand Canada’s diverse climates, Bella Turf grass has been recognized as the best artificial grass in Vancouver for 6 consecutive years, proving its ability to perform in all seasons.

From the highest certified (FIFA) artificial grass with the softest grass blades on the market, our Ultimate Grass Series is at the top of the class.

Our customer’s favourite products: Cascade Elite and Selkirk Elite have the same structural make-up, just offered in two different colour options. The ultra plush WaveBlade structure is soft under foot, yet extremely resilient to heavy foot traffic and hard play.

Both Cascade Elite and our Chelsea Artificial Grass are the only FIFA-approved turf on the market. Backyard play has never been more official!

To take your landscape to the next level, compliment your grass with our Turf Cloud foam underlay and have the most sought-after and SAFE yard in the neighbourhood.

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2. The Best Artificial Grass for Dogs (and all pets)

We can assure you that your dog will absolutely love all of our artificial grasses, but we do have one grass that was designed specifically for our four-legged friends. Paw Pro (our pet-specific artificial grass) features the same WaveBlade structure as our Ultimate Grass Series, with the additional benefit that our Paw Pro grass blades are infused with silver ion antibacterial properties. Paw Pro was designed to be the all around best artificial grass for dogs.

What distinguishes Paw Pro from other products is its unique backing situated beneath the blades. This backing is fully permeable and made of antibacterial acrylic, enabling it to drain nearly twice as quickly as other grasses in our range. This rapid drainage feature allows pet urine to quickly pass through the grass, effectively preventing the buildup of unpleasant odors. We’ve thought about it all: Paw Pro is simply the best artificial grass for pets.

No matter your choice of artificial grass, we can assure you that your dog’s digging days are over with Bella Turf installed and properly secured. Whether it’s Paw Pro or Sierra Pacific, infilling your grass with our PureZEO Pro zeolite infill will significantly help reduce pet odours in your artificial grass yard.

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3. The Best Artificial Grass for Kids and Playgrounds

Kids will play on any surface, but give them a play space thats equally as durable as it is safe and everybody wins. Our best-in-class artificial grass products are perfect for for playgrounds, daycares and schools.

We have artificial grass available for every level of foot-traffic, so you don’t have to worry about the grass—it’s tough enough for any sports or playground.

Concerned about safety?

Stack multiple layers of our Turf Cloud foam underlay to achieve your ideal fall rating for added safety in a commercial play setting. You can achieve a variety of different Certified Fall Ratings as per your project’s safety requirements.

Our Turf Cloud Shock Pads can be used as a single 10mm shock pad, or stacked all the way up to 100mm (four inches) for a Certified Fall Rating of >12′ (twelve feet)

Check out Selkirk Elite, it’s Canada’s favourite artificial grass and it is FIFA approved. The ultimate grass for your Playground or Sports system.

The Best Artificial Grass for Golf

When it comes to golf, we offer artificial products that cater to just about any level of golf enthusiast. Our products are trusted by the best in the game. Enjoy the luxury of training your game on your own private residence.

golf cups  golf-sports-bellaturf  golf-sports bellaturf


4. Putting Green Kits

We have DIY putting green kits in 4 sizes to choose from. No cutting is necessary, just prepare your base, dig out your cups and install the pre-cut pieces. The putting green kits include cups, flags, pins and everything else you’ll need. Our putting green kits are easy to buy and simple to install. We’ve got artificial grass installation videos walking you through each step. Or if you choose, get hire a professional artificial grass installer certified by Bella Turf.


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5. Custom Artificial Grass Putting Greens

Bella Turf offers the highest-rated putting green surfaces for you to design and create your own custom golf green.

Tour Turf
is our specialty putting surface, designed to accept shots from distances of 60+ yards without bouncing off.

Eagle Putt is Bella Turf’s Most Versatile Sports Surface was modelled to look and feel like you’re standing on the practice green at the world-renowned Augusta National Golf Club.

Country Club, our long-time classic golf green, was designed with a single-purpose in mind–the ultimate artificial golf green experience.

Tee Line is our specialty golf hitting mat, designed to hold a real tee. A perfect chipping mat for your putting green.

Your imagination is your only limitation when it comes to a custom golf green. We also carry premium 6-inch aluminum golf cups, pins, flags, and everything else required to create your own backyard golf paradise. View our putting green accessories.

Astroturf for Gyms  Astroturf for gyms

6. The Best Artificial Grass for Gyms

Bella Turf Indoor Gym Turf speaks for itself. Our artificial grass for gyms is featured throughout fitness centers and gyms across Canada, its short yet resilient pile height is perfect for quick footwork, pushing cross-fit sleds, group fitness classes, and indoor sports of all types.

If you need an indoor surface that accommodates heavy use and high-intensity foot traffic, our Indoor Gym Turf will perform just as hard as you do.

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7. Artificial Grass for Decks, Patios, & Rooftops

Adding a little bit of green space to your deck or patio has never been easier. Although our artificial grass can be laid down on concrete, the ideal combo for this application is our short pile Sierra Pacific lite on top of the Turf Cloud Flow underlay.

This artificial grass underlay features a built-in drain mat to allow water to flow beneath the surface, preventing any standing water on your deck or patio after a rainfall. The nice soft surface is just as nice on your feet as it is on your eyes.

One of the top features of adding an artificial green space to your home is that it is not location-dependent. It needs no sun to thrive and keeps the curb appeal of your home in tip-top shape all year long.

Astroturf for Gyms  artificial grass soccer field  artificial grass soccer field

8. The Best Custom Order Artificial Grass Systems

Need a custom solution? We’ve got you covered. Our custom order artificial grass is available in multiple shades of green as well as red, blue, black, white, yellow, purple, orange and more. Various lengths and style of blades make our artificial grass sports systems the most versatile on the market. It’s your game, design your field specifically for your needs. We’re here to help!

We are a dealer of Shaw Sports Turf and carry their full line of professional and collegiate grade products. No matter your sport of surface requirements, we’ve got an artificial grass just right for your needs. Contact us—let’s get started on your free quote.

Put a plan into action.

So you may be saying: “let’s get started”. We are excited for you. There are good days in your future.

If you are ready to get started, we recommend you explore our website a bit. We have artificial grass products for every situation, video installation guides, an extensive product brochure, free quotes, and world-class customer support.

If you have questions, we can answer those for you. Contact us via email or on the phone.

Ready to pull the trigger?

Let’s get an expert on your side to help you put together the perfect installation plan. Whether you plan on installing artificial grass yourself, or if you prefer a professional artificial grass installation, we have the resources for you.

Luckily for you, we have artificial grass installers located all across Canada. Head over to our dealer locator to find the artificial grass installer closest to you.

At Bella Turf, we truly believe artificial grass is worth the money, and we are happy to help you explore this big decision for your beloved home.

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Trading out your natural grass for Bella Turf artificial grass will not only gain hours of your free time back to enjoy life, it will also accent your home, create a clean fun usable space for your family and friends to enjoy for years, or to simply allow you to spend more time in your gardens.

With endless applications, whether it’s artificial grass for back yards or front yards, rooftops, indoors or even walls. Bella Turf fake grass will continuously look lush and green.

Bella Turf is a Canadian-owned and operated company that focuses on developing industry-leading products tailored specifically for local markets. Our team, which spans across Canada, shares a deep appreciation and respect for nature. Our products not only mimic the look of natural grass but also appear as if they naturally belong in the local environment.

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