Infill plays an important part in the overall performance and longevity of your Bella Turf grass. But what all does it do? Generally speaking, infill has a long list of responsibilities, so here are a few…

  • infill supports the blades at the base, keeping them standing upright and protecting the tufting
  • infill weighs the grass down and prevents wrinkles from forming in the backing
  • infill prevents your grass blades from adopting a matted down look over time
  • infill keeps tuft spacing consistent and prevents the backing from contraction in extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • infill protects the polyurethane backing from UV radiation
  • infill can be adjusted to control the way your finished surface feels under foot
  • infill applied correctly can extend the life of your grass significantly

But … not all infill systems are the same.

For low traffic, landscape applications where kids and pets are not using the surface, a sand infill is sufficient when applied as recommended.

For pet applications, PureZEO Pro is used for its anti-bacterial properties and helping reduce pet odour.

For high traffic and playground applications, Wonderful is the ultimate infill. It’s rounded quartz core prevents compaction and it is non-absorbent.

Infills can be mixed to achieve your desired system. Regardless of your application, we recommend following the infill application rates listed on each product to get the most life out of your Bella Turf grass.


jars full of artificial grass infill

Posted On: Monday July 8, 2019
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