For many years, Bella Turf has been at the forefront of artificial grass installation in Toronto, including for landscape, recreation, and professional sports and golf uses.

We have created some of the highest quality, most realistic synthetic turf and we designed the product specifically with the cold Canadian winters that you see in Toronto and most of Eastern Canada.

Our artificial grass thrives in the climate of the Greater Toronto Area and is intended for use in Toronto, it is also widely available for sale across Toronto and the GTA.

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The Best Artificial Grass for Toronto

One of the many reasons Canadian homeowners choose artificial grass for their lawns is its year-round durability. Winterizing natural grass entails a number of steps and is a yearly lengthy process that will lay the groundwork for healthy spring grass.

Consider installing artificial turf on your lawn to greatly simplify your winterizing routine.

The two artificial grasses listed below are ideal for Toronto’s all-weather conditions. These grasses are not only beautiful, but they’re also one of the toughest grasses on the market. We designed these products to be used in the cold Canadian climate.

Selkirk Elite and Cascade Elite are one of the softest, most durable, and visually stunning artificial grasses, and it is guaranteed to improve any space where it is installed.

Waveblade Design

These artificial grasses have a unique waveblade structure that allows the grass blades to stand straight even when subjected to heavy traffic or long-term compression. The wave-like structure not only makes it nearly indestructible but also keeps the grass up to 10° cooler than its competitors.

Treat you, your family and your house to Bella Turf’s best-in-class series of artificial grasses. The Cascade Elite is Bella Turf’s most luxurious grass...

Cascade Elite

The Cascade Elite is Bella Turf’s most luxurious grass and is guaranteed to enhance any space it is put in. Not only does this grass look great, it is also one of the toughest grasses.

Top Quality Astroturf

Selkirk Elite

Selkirk Elite is built with the same FIFA quality Waveblade as Cascade Elite, but in a lighter and brighter colour. It’s Canada’s favourite artificial grass!

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You’d be surprised how long our synthetic grass products last! You can feel confident that you making the right investment as our artificial grass products are backed by a 15-year warranty. Our products are durable, versatile, safe, economical and 100% recyclable.

Most importantly, they look and feel so much like real natural sod that they enhance the look of any residential or commercial landscape. We are proud to provide our clients with a high-quality artificial grass product that will last.

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Will my artificial grass last in the winter?

Yes—that’s an excellent question and the answer is yes! Our artificial grass products can withstand harsh weather conditions. We have developed premium artificial grass infill and foam underlay systems to allow artificial grass to be installed in a wider range of climatic conditions.

The most frequently asked question in the winter is, “Will my artificial grass last in the winter?” and the answer is yes!

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How To Prepare Artificial Grass For The Winter

A little preparation can save you time once it starts to get cold! Here’s what we recommend to prepare your artificial grass for the winter.

Before the winter sets in, it is best to remove leaves, twigs, and other fallen debris from your backyard’s artificial grass with a leaf blower and/or turf rake.

If you DO want to remove snow from your artificial grass, keep a few things in mind to prevent any damage to your fibers.

Keep the following in mind:

  1. When the snow is fresh and soft, it is best to clear it. Waiting too long allows moisture to settle into your fibers, causing snow to stick to you in subzero temperatures.
  2. Use a plastic snow shovel and avoid clearing snow that has frozen to your artificial grass.
  3. On your artificial grass, avoid using salts or ice melters.
Astroturf for roof top

Benefits of Artificial Grass in Colder Climates

If you have a traditional sod lawn and live in a cold climate with snow and heavy rain during the winter, you are aware of the difficulties in keeping a traditional lawn looking green and manicured during the cold months.

Cold winters can cause permanent damage to your traditional sod lawn, causing brown and patchy lawns, mud and runoff issues, snow mold, and the need to reseed frequently, among other issues.

You can avoid the nightmares of winterizing sod turf with professionally installed artificial grasses from Bella Turf and enjoy a perfectly manicured green lawn all year long, even after the snow and ice have melted.

Artificial Grass is a very smart and suitable solution for your lawn and has several benefits that make it more convenient during winter.

You can even put artificial grass on your roof!

Garden kit


Artificial lawns dry quickly, attracting fewer insects and eliminating the need for pesticides. There is also no need for fertilizers!


No More Muddy Shoes

You’ll never step on a wet lawn again and have to scrape the mud off your shoes, or worse, have to replace them.

Artificial Grass backyard landscape with hot tub

Easy to maintain

Artificial turf requires very little maintenance, so you won’t have to spend much time or money on it. Less time spent maintaining your lawn means more time to spend enjoying your garden.

Astroturf for roof top

Stunning appearance

All year, fake grass appears lush. It’s always tidy and green. The appearance of synthetic grass has improved vastly over time and many higher-end surfaces have a very convincing natural appearance. Our artificial turf looks and feels as good as the real thing.

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Resists the elements

Artificial turf is designed to withstand both high and low temperatures, and it will not yellow in the sun.


Get Expert Assistance

If you’re looking for the ultimate low-maintenance lawn solution, Bella turf is the answer.

We provide the highest quality, natural-looking synthetic grass to homeowners across Canada. This includes a wide range of the finest artificial grass options available. Bella Turf’s experts are trained in artificial turf installation. And with your complete satisfaction is our goal, we strive to provide a seamless, hassle-free installation.

Take back your weekend by not mowing, watering, weeding, using chemicals, or performing any maintenance. Artificial turf is so realistic that even your dog will not be able to tell the difference. You’ll have more time to spend with family, friends, and even your pets!

For more information on the Bella Turf products or to get your hands on a sample of one of our grasses, visit a dealer near you. Locate a Bella Turf dealer near you.

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Posted On: Thursday June 23, 2022
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