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When installing artificial grass, it’s crucial to follow the right procedures from the start to avoid ending up with a setup that doesn’t meet your expectations. At Bella Turf, we’re not only leaders in advancing product technology but also in refining installation techniques and procedures. As our products improve, so do our methods.

Seaming artificial turf can be particularly challenging, especially if it’s your first attempt. This article aims to assist you in preparing to lay a perfect seam for your artificial turf. We provide both the products and the expertise necessary to achieve a top-quality artificial grass installation.

Most important is to ensure you follow our seaming guidelines. These simple steps will make or break your seam.

The following diagrams explain the most common mistakes when it comes to seaming. Follow the provided instructions and create seams that are unnoticeable once your project is complete. The outer three tuft lines on either side of the grass tend to lean to the outside.

  1. We recommend cutting off 3 tufts prior to making a seam.
  2. We recommend leaving a 3/8″ inch space for your seam, too little space will create a “mohawk” down the seam, too much space will crease a “valley” down the seam.
seaming artificial grass diagram

Artificial Grass Full Seaming Instructions

Now that you know the most important seaming guidelines, you’ll be ready to start seaming. If you need a refresher, here are the full instructions on seaming the turf. Below, we have a video guide as well that goes over the exact same steps.

  1. Place the second roll of turf as close to its desired position as possible.
  2. Flip the edges over and remove the last 3 to 5 tufts on each side of the seam, keeping the blade closest to the tuft on the main piece to minimize excess backing in your seam.
  3. With the edges cut off, align your pieces so that the tufts land the same distance apart as they are throughout your turf (1/8” – 1/4” gap between tufts with no excess backing on 3/8” tuft gauge products).
  4. Spike both pieces in place and re-check your alignment.
  5. Fold both pieces back 8-10” and lay seam tape centered on your seam.
  6. Spread seam glue evenly with a spreader, removing all puddles and leaving behind no dry spots on the seam tape. A THIN, consistent coat is ideal as the glue expands when cured and can come up through the turf if applied too heavy. Please take this into consideration when gluing your seams, DO NOT OVER APPLY.
  7. Starting at one end (extra hands recommended) bring your two pieces of turf together evenly like a zipper and lay them down together keeping the fibers upright and out of the glue.
  8. Rub your fingers down the seam and pick out any trapped blades.
  9. Place 12” wide strips of wood down the seam and weigh them down with bags of infill 45-60 mins per seam.
seaming artificial grass
seaming artificial grass
seaming artificial grass

Artificial Grass Seaming Videos

This step-by-step video series breaks down each important step to the artificial grass installation process to help provide you with the knowledge that it takes to install it yourself. Follow along and learn how to transform your yard from dirt to clean green space to enjoy for years to come.

We cover turf plans, base preparation, rolling out your grass, cutting and installing, spiking, seaming, infilling, power brooming, and final touches to complete your artificial grass installation.

To learn more about our artificial grass you can view all of our products here.

To find artificial grass across Canada use our convenient Artificial Grass Dealer Locator.

When installed by an authorized dealer, our artificial grass is covered by a 10 year limited warranty. Convert your natural grass lawn today and start living with the benefits of a environmentally friendly, care-free lawn.

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