One of the many hidden benefits to being an artificial grass owner is that you have the freedom to move playground equipment, pots, patio furniture and various other large objects around without creating “dead spots” or damaged areas on your grass. This excludes sharp objects and fire pits, those should keep their distance.

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When the blades of our Bella turf grass become matted down from an object pressing on them, they can be revitalized with a couple of simple steps and household tools.

After relocating your equipment, identify the direction that the blades are leaning. With a stiff (not sharp) pointed object, get into the thatch layer beneath the matted blades and pull them back upright. Be sure no blades are trapped in the thatch or tangled together.

With the blades all lifted up, give them a thorough brushing with a stiff bristle broom or deck scrubber brush. Work them back and forth as if you were trying to remove a stain from the carpet. The warmer the day, the better this works to revitalize your blades.

Spring is here, we hope this helps to freshen up those matted spots in your yard.

Posted On: Saturday April 13, 2024
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