As you drive around town, you’ll notice several yards that have been completely destroyed by crows. It’s that time of year when the chafer beetle grubs start heading towards the earth’s surface to feed on the roots of the grass. The crows pick the grass apart in search of these tasty little grubs. A meal for them is thousands out of your pocket, do you really want to keep this cycle going year after year?

By the end of June the surviving chafer beetles will be adults. They will surface and lay their eggs in the grass and the process starts all over again. The eggs will hatch by late summer and will be growing, feeding and burrowing deep for the winter. They make winter cells to stay warm and usually start making their way to the surface come spring. Here we are now, right in the middle of the lawn destruction season, with an excellent solution. Bella Turf.

The only sure way to get rid of these pests is to remove their entire habitat once and for all. With the installation of Bella Turf artificial grass, you will never have to deal with chafer beetles again. The materials used in the base beneath your grass as well as the grass itself are uninhabitable for insects of all kinds. Look forward to a flawless green lawn all year long with a maintenance free Bella Turf installation. Browse our product selection and find the grass that best suits your landscape and lifestyle.

crows destroying grass lawn eating chafer beatle
overturned grass destroyed by crows
close up photo of the european chafer beatle
artificial grass in front lawn of home
Posted On: Thursday May 11, 2017
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