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More times than not, people assume that artificial grass prevents rainwater from reaching the earth beneath it. Many years ago this would have been true. Bella Turf artificial grass products were designed to have superior vertical drainage to withstand the heaviest of rainfalls. We conducted a test to show just how well it actually works when put up against natural grass’ drainage, the results went as expected.

We use a perforated poly backing on our products. When the rainwater hits the surface, it only has to travel a few inches to reach one of the many drain holes in the backing. The water then drains through a 4-6 inch aggregate base before reaching the earth’s soil. In order for your Bella Turf lawn to have standing water on the surface, it would have to rain more water than the skies can hold.

In this test we pour 12 liters of water through .73 sq ft of artificial grass as well as .73 sq ft of natural grass. The aggregate base of the artificial grass absorbed about 2 liters of water in a matter of seconds and the rest simply drained through into the reservoir. The natural grass however, did not absorb water quick enough and around 9 liters ran off the grass. This proves that artificial grass puts the rainwater back into the earth rather than having it run off into the streets, sidewalks and driveways.

Posted On: Wednesday January 15, 2020
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