Indoor putting greens might not be for everyone, but for some, they help keep that short game on point throughout the winter. How about that unused space at the office, or garage full of clutter? I bet you’d get more use with a putting green, ball and putter!


If an indoor play space or golf green has been on your mind, Bella Turf has the solution for you. Our SP lite is as realistic as it gets to a natural rough. It’s 1.625” pile height and .5” tuft spacing will have you needing to touch it to determine for yourself. It’s U-shaped blades stand beautifully on their own making it ideal for indoor spaces and patios.

close up photo of artificial grass edge against artificial putting green grass

When designing a putting green into your indoor living space, using SP lite as a fringe creates a realistic and playable surface across the entire grass area. Whether it’s for fun, practice or just entertaining company, a Bella Turf putting green installed indoors is sure to be a conversation starter. Create your own winter escape; we’re here to help.


Putting green kits are also available for those looking to save a few steps towards creating your indoor play space.

artificial putting green grass inside of office

Posted On: Wednesday December 27, 2017
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