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With apartments being the norm when it comes to modern housing options, the idea of turning limited outdoor spaces into green havens is more common than ever. Balconies are not just open parts of your home anymore, they are an opportunity to have a mini garden! And the best and easiest way to make it feel that way? Fake grass for your balcony! 

If the prospect of installing and taking care of artificial grass has seemed daunting to you before, we are going to take you through some of the essentials in today’s article!

1. Choose your Artificial Grass for Balcony

With so many features and products available in the market, choosing artificial grass for your balcony can be trickier than it sounds. The best way to begin your research is to ask yourself what space it will be going on. Is it going to have extreme exposure to natural elements? Is it going to be stepped on a lot? Will pets play with it? Once you’ve answered these, you will be able to choose an artificial grass that matches your needs.

At Bella Turf we have fake grass for balconies and every use-case. View our artificial grass for balcony page to see which artificial grass might work best for you.

Artificial Grass Putting Green Close Up Photo

2. Buy Grass Adhesive

You might be wondering what glue to use for artificial grass. Artificial grass adhesive is the glue-like substance that joins artificial grass to the ground, to the patio floor, or to another piece of artificial grass (called seeming).

At Bella Turf we recommend TurfTac Seam Glue.

turf tac artificial grass seam glue for artificial grass installation

3. Plan & Measurement

It is crucial to measure the space in which you plan to utilize the artificial grass to ensure that you do not buy too much or too little.  It is also ideal to lay it out on a flat surface since an uneven surface will likely cause a lumpy appearance. To avoid lumps and to make the grass “softer”, it is best to use a foam underlay for your artificial grass.

Cutting the seam while installing artificial grass

4. Trim Artificial Grass to Fit Balcony

While these tasks are most suited to professionals, the basics are not overly complicated. You should trim your grass into a shape or shapes that will fit perfectly into the desired space. Search our website to learn more about how to cut artificial grass and how to install artificial grass like the professionals.

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5. Place Fake Grass On The Balcony After The Adhesive Has Been Applied

Most professionals will try to use joining tape as much as possible to put as little glue on the surface as possible. You must also ensure there is enough room for drainage underneath the artificial grass to allow for proper drainage to take place. Also, you should not use too much glue as this stops water from draining freely and makes it much harder to remove or life the grass when needed.


Step 2
Design the Artificial Grass Balcony Garden
of Your Dreams

1. Create a Garden Planter

Every gardening Pinterest board is incomplete without the inclusion of a planter or two and it’s not hard to see why. Planters are a great way to grow greenery (even fruits and vegetables!) when you have space constraints. 

Your planters will brighten up any balcony garden, no matter what size it is! You can get creative in the kitchen by growing fruits, veggies and herbs as well!


2. Make a Retaining Wall with Potted Plants

Imagine stepping into your balcony to see a cascade of beautiful greenery and florals. Well, this dream can turn into a reality with a retaining wall!

Retaining walls are often only planted from above, which is why creeper-type plants or plants with trailing foliage make the most sense. As they grow, they will create a waterfall effect that will jazz up your space in terms of colour, textures and scents.

According to Outdoor Happens, some of the best plants for these kinds of textures include Creeping Thyme (Thymus praecox), Trailing Lobelia (Lobelia erinus), Creeping Phlox (Phlox sp.), Climbing Strawberry (Fragaria sp.), Cascading Rock Cress (Aubretia sp.), Weeping Loropetalum (Loropetalum sp.), Tumbling, Losetto Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum), Wave Petunia (Petunia x hybrida), Trailing Rosemary (Rosmarinus sp.), String of Pearls (Senecio), Morning Glory Vine (Ipomoea).

While creating a flower retaining wall, you should check to make sure that they are planted on terraced levels. With time, you can even cover a whole wall from top to bottom with plants and flowers!


3. Add Seating: Sofa, Chairs and Table

Your balcony garden should be your happy place, your sanctuary, your spot for peace, and that is exactly why a little interior (or should we say exterior!) decor never hurt.

Want an evening drink amongst the flora? Add a small bar cart and a few barstools to your fake grass balcony garden. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to have adequate refrigeration in case any of your beverages need it. Another important point is to have insect repellant mechanisms in place so that your easy evening gin is not plagued by flies or mosquitoes. 


4. Add a Side Table with more Flowers

Another happy addition to your balcony garden comes in the form of a side table! This comes in especially handy if you do not have enough space for a whole bar or coffee table set up.

Choose a material that will not warp or tarnish or get damaged on account of exposure to the natural world. Place a flower pot or fish bowl on top of it to liven up the space even more!


5. Add Light to Your Garden

The final touch? Light! Any good artificial grass balcony garden not only needs a solid amount of natural light but it also needs to have nice lighting for evenings and nights. Doing this also gives you an additional spot to entertain your guests in.

There is a range of lights available, especially for garden settings and you can select a piece that matches your aesthetic preferences. The range of available lights includes fairy lights, ambient lights, path lights, solar lights, digital lights and much much more.

There are four broad methods of lighting your garden and these are uplighting, downlighting, backlighting and spotlighting. Spotlights focus attention on a particular object or plant. Uplighting shines light from bottom to top. Downlighting uses height to illuminate a particular area. And backlighting adds light from behind, creating shadows and silhouettes.


Step 3
Enjoy Your New Balcony Garden

Now that your artificial grass balcony garden is ready, it is time for the best part: Enjoy it! Soak in the joy of bright mornings and sunset evenings with your perfectly designed place of joy! If your space can accommodate it, have garden parties when the weather is pleasant. And if you work from home, use the space as the perfect background for your Zoom calls and Google meetings.

While the fake grass for your balcony does not need to be tended to too often, your plants will need regular cleaning and care. If you are not one with a green thumb, enlist the help of an expert like a gardener to maintain your balcony on your behalf.

We hope you feel inspired to add happiness to your own balcony now that you know how easy it is to do it!

artificial grass on deck

Once you are all done, you will have a lovely, long-lasting, verdant patch of grass on your balcony. But that is not all! You can further enhance your garden with a few additional steps!

Put a plan into action.

So you may be saying: “let’s get started”. We are excited for you. There are good days in your future.

If you are ready to get started, we recommend you explore our website a bit. We have artificial grass products for every situation, video installation guides, an extensive product brochure, free quotes, and world-class customer support.

If you have questions, we can answer those for you. Contact us via email or on the phone.

Ready to pull the trigger?

Let’s get an expert on your side to help you put together the perfect installation plan. Whether you plan on installing artificial grass yourself, or if you prefer a professional artificial grass installation, we have the resources for you.

Luckily for you, we have artificial grass installers located all across Canada. Head over to our dealer locator to find the artificial grass installer closest to you.

At Bella Turf, we truly believe artificial grass is worth the money, and we are happy to help you explore this big decision for your beloved home.

Artificial grass with dog house
dog catching frisbee on artificial grass lawn
childs playground on artificial grass lawn in residential backyard
children playing on trampoline submerged within artificial grass lawn backyard

Trading out your natural grass for Bella Turf artificial grass will not only gain hours of your free time back to enjoy life, it will also accent your home, create a clean fun usable space for your family and friends to enjoy for years, or to simply allow you to spend more time in your gardens.

With endless applications, whether it’s artificial grass for back yards or front yards, rooftops, indoors or even walls. Fake grass for balcony will continuously look lush and green.

Bella Turf is Canadian owned and operated and strives to innovate industry leading products designed specifically for our local markets. Our team spans Canada wide and we all share a mutual appreciation and respect for nature. Not only do our products look real, they look like they are meant to be here.

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Posted On: Thursday June 23, 2022
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