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With the right care, it is easy enough to keep your artificial grass looking just as good as the day you installed it.

The key factor here is to keep the surface free of any organic debris that falls into it. Leaves, pine needles, sticks, any organic material like that. You’ve got to treat this just as you would your flooring inside. If you have stuff spilling on your carpet, you would pick that stuff up right away, so why would you treat your yard any different?

Generally, in a natural lawn, natures debris would just compost into the earth. Artificial Grass is an extension of your home’s living space, so you’ve got to keep your turf clean.

This can be done with two (2) tools that most artificial grass owners already have:


Artificial Grass Cleaning Tools You’ll Need:


1. Artificial Grass Leaf Rake

Lifts the big debris off of the artificial turf rather quickly.

Cost: $15 to $75. Call your nearest Authorized Bella Turf Dealer for specific product recommendations.

raking leaves off of artificial grass  leaf rake


2. Artificial Grass Stiff-bristle Push Broom

Come back afterwords and use the stiff-bristle push broom to remove the smaller items and also to revitalize your artificial grass blades, pushing them back up.

Cost: $15 to $75. Call your nearest Authorized Bella Turf Dealer for specific product recommendations.

brooming artficial grass stiff bristle push broom


Generally, when debris falls on your artificial grass, it is best to get it off sooner than later. When debris starts to break up and decompose, the debris will embed itself and work down into your artificial grass.

Ideally, when you part your artificial grass blades and look down closely at your Bella Turf Artificial Grass Blades, the only thing you want to see is the turf infill. You don’t want to see a bunch of old sticks, leaves, pine needles, or anything like that.


Pro Tip

You can also clean up around the edges of your artificial grass yard with a shop vac. Just vacuum quickly around the edges.



That’s it, there’s not much to it. We first rake off the artificial grass, then come back with the broom to get the little items.  Keeping the artificial grass clean is the best way to keep your artificial grass looking just like it did the day you installed it.


If you have any questions, feel free to message Bella Turf, or one of our authorized artificial grass dealers near you.

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Posted On: Tuesday July 30, 2019
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