Artificial grass is gaining popularity because it’s easy to maintain and durable in different weather conditions. Bella Turf, a top provider, offers high-quality synthetic turf that looks very much like natural grass. To keep your artificial grass looking great and lasting long, it’s important to clean and maintain it properly.


If you have children or pets, your artificial grass may become dirty more quickly. Here’s the official guide on how to clean your artificial grass.

Artificial grass is favoured by many homeowners because it requires less maintenance compared to natural grass, which needs constant care including mowing, watering, fertilizing, and aerating. However, maintaining synthetic grass should not be overlooked.

Its cleanliness and maintenance needs can be influenced by several factors, including children, pets, surrounding plants and animals, or if you reside in a particularly dusty area.

If you have children or pets, chances are that your synthetic grass could get dirty much easier. There are many instances where artificial grass will need to be maintained. 

When your child is out playing they could accidentally spill paint or get gum stuck on the grass, your pet could urinate or poop on the grass, or if you have a party there could be grease, oil, alcohol and food that could end up on the grass. 

This could end up leaving your grass smelling bad and having an unfresh look. It needs regular maintenance to avoid any injuries as your child and pets could up hurting themselves with unwanted rocks and stones on the lawn. 

With all of this being said, you might be wondering, how to keep your artificial grass looking like new.

How to Clean Artificial Grass

Step 1
Remove Surface Dirt And Dust

It is inevitable that sticks, leaves, dirt, dust and debris will settle on the grass daily. Accumulation of dust and dirt over time could result in the grass looking dull, lifeless and unkempt. 

You do not want your grass to be filled with unwanted debris, so you need to clean the grass before any of the particles decompose. This could add to the cleaning time, effort and money. 

The best tools to use to get the job done are a leaf blower, stiff bristle push broom or a leaf rake. Select a spot in a corner of your yard and direct all the accumulated dirt and debris towards it and once all the dirt is grouped, it will be easier to collect it for removal. 

Doing so will not deep clean the grass but just give the initial cleansing it needs for further maintenance. 

Artificial grass with leaves
astroturf power broom for maintainence
harper push brooms

Step 2
Pour Cleaner Into Large Container And Add Water; Stir Until Completely Blended

After the initial dust and dirt have been removed, add cleaning solution into a container to clean the grass thoroughly. Using a container with a spray bottle nozzle can help easily distribute the cleaning solution over the lawn without making a mess; a hose will do too. 

Cleaning solutions are categorized into two types, one can be used directly on the lawn’s surface liberally, and the other should be applied only by using a cloth soaked in the fake grass cleaner to reduce the penetration of harmful cleaning agents below the lawn’s surface.


Safe-for-use Artificial Grass Cleaners

The first type of cleaners which can be used without any special precautions are: 

  • Any bio-friendly cleaner like Turf Renu
  • A mild, warm solution of detergent or any detergent used for light fabric (laundry soap) can remove most waterborne stains such as ketchup, coffee, tea, vegetable and fruit juices, cocoa, milk, ice cream, glue, butter, watercolors, alcohol, dye, urine and paint.  
  • For stubborn stains, a 3% solution of ammonia in water can be used. 
  • Using cleaning that contains caustic cleaners or chlorine bleaches is a NO. Do not use highly acidic cleaners.


Use Caution with these Artificial Grass Cleaners

The second type of cleaners such as perchloroethylene (dry cleaning solution), a grass spot remover or mineral spirit must be used sparingly and cautiously to avoid it penetrating below the lawn’s surface. This category handles oil-based stains such as tar, asphalt, cooking oil, motor oil, floor wax, chewing gum, nail polish, shoe polish, paraffin wax, crayon, suntan oil and ballpoint ink. 

Caution: Petroleum-based solvents and mineral spirits are flammable so do not have an open flame or smoke when they are being used. Ensure the space is properly ventilated.

three dogs sitting on artificial grass lawn in backyard of residential town home

Step 3
Wet Turf Thoroughly With Water, Making Sure To Rinse Away Any Debris

It is advised to rinse down your artificial grass at least once a week lightly. With a hose, spray down the grass to remove and rinse small debris, pollen and dust that a rake or leaf blower can’t reach.  

Child's hand watering the grass during the summer with a hose.

Step 4
Apply Diluted Solution And Use A Brush To Gently Loosen The Dirt Particles

Use a Mechanical Power Broom

Using a mechanical brush is one of the most effective cleaning tools. It is often referred to as a power broom or power brush. The device contains a brush of bristles that is controlled by a motor to thoroughly clean the artificial grass surface. 

Cleaning the grass with a mechanical brush effectively removes traffic wear prints, gets rid of flat spots, fixes the grass after it has started to get a matted look and refreshes its look to seem brand new again. 

Remove the Stains from your Artificial Grass

It is also advised to brush the grass frequently to keep the blades pointed upward giving your lawn a more natural look. Use a brush with soft bristles. Using a broom or rake is better as it gives you better reach to cover your lawn faster and easier. You should always brush your grass against the grass’s natural grain, maintaining the same direction.

Synthetic grass is designed to be treaded and played on and pets love our artificial grass, so sometimes there may be the occasional food, beverage or other substance that can be spilled and will mildly stain the grass. Getting out these stains is quite easy, simply wet the area with your cleaning solution or use a half and half mix of water and vinegar to remove the dirt or stains. 

If in case it looks like the grass has stubborn staining, you should not have a hard time getting the stains out since artificial grass is largely stain-resistant. 

Use an ammonia-based cleaner, if needed

First, wet the area as already mentioned above, apply a mild cleaning solution and to gently get the stain off, use a bristle brush on the grass and rinse away the solution with a hose. If the stain does not respond, use a more concentrated cleaner containing ammonia, which should do the trick. 

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Step 5
Rinse Thoroughly With Water

To remove any traces of ammonia or soap, thoroughly rinse the area with clean cold water and blot up any excess liquid.

Child's hand watering the grass during the summer with a hose.

Step 6
Air Dry

The grass should be air-dried, preferably under some sun. If cleaned in the evening time, the lawn may end up smelling musty and not very fresh. Allowing the entire surface to dry first before using a broom or rake, can help the blades stand in an upright position. 


Step 7
Perform Regular Maintenance Of Artificial Grass

Apart from instantly cleaning stains, regularly tending to the synthetic grass is necessary, especially if you have pets or kids at home; you’ll have to maintain it more often. This applies even if your lawn has a high intensity of traffic from, say, playing sports.

Weekly Artificial Turf Maintenance

To ensure that your artificial grass lawn is in good shape for a long time, there needs to be regular maintenance. Rinse the grass with plain cool water once a week.

To keep it looking fresh and free of odours and stains, spray your grass daily by using a garden hose. After it’s hosed down, use a rake or broom to brush the grass. This keeps the grass blades facing upward, giving it a fresh and clean look.

Monthly Artificial Grass Maintenance

It is advised to deep clean the grass on a monthly interval.

Your artificial’s lawn life can be extended for years with proper maintenance and care. The advantage is that artificial grass doesn’t need as much care as natural grass, so performing simple tasks on a regular basis can ensure that the lawn remains lush, odour-free and clean making it the ideal place for a barbeque, sunbathing, playing and simply hanging out with friends and family.

A professional can always be called for full-proof grooming, repair and cleaning. However, the costs can be kept to a minimum by taking the necessary steps to prevent damage to your synthetic lawn.


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Remove Debris from Artificial Grass

How To Clean Pet Waste Off of Artificial Grass

Solid Waste

To clean solid pet waste, use a plastic bag or a pooper scooper to remove the waste from the surface. Dispose of it properly and then clean the affected area with a garden hose. Removing solid waste is an essential part of artificial grass maintenance for pet owners.

Liquid Waste

Dog urine on artificial grass can be rinsed away with water. To eliminate any lingering odour, use a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water, or the Bella Turf Artificial Grass Cleaner, to clean the area and neutralize the smell. Proper cleaning of pet waste is crucial to maintain artificial grass and ensure a fresh-smelling lawn.

dog laying on artificial turf

Preventing Damage to Artificial Grass

Although your synthetic grass is made of durable tough fibres, you need to take certain precautions, here are some things to keep in mind to prevent damaging the grass:

  • Fireworks, open flames and cigarettes should be kept away from the grass. A lit-up cigarette cannot ignite the grass but it can fuse the tips of the grass and damage the overall look and feel. 
  • Equipment and furniture with jagged or sharp edges should not be kept on the grass as this can tear or puncture the lawn. This causes faster wear and tear and you will have to reinstall your lawn. 
  • Do not leave any vehicles parked on your synthetic lawn. There could be a gas leak and the weight on the car could ruin the quality. 
  • Turn off sprinkler heads as the water from the sprinkler system can leave mineral deposits on the grass that can cause discolouration. 
  • Ensure that your artificial grass is not exposed to windows reflecting sunlight as this too can cause the grass fibres to fuse together. 

 If you’re looking to understand and learn how to clean artificial grass, read on. 


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Trading out your natural grass for Bella Turf artificial grass will not only gain hours of your free time back to enjoy life, it will also accent your home, create a clean fun usable space for your family and friends to enjoy for years, or to simply allow you to spend more time in your gardens.

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