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How Long Does Artificial Grass Actually Last?

Artificial turf is a durable and long-lasting choice for homeowners in the Fraser Valley who want to enhance their outdoor living spaces or reduce lawn maintenance.

In fact, the lifespan of artificial grass often surpasses the warranties provided by suppliers. With proper maintenance and installation, and under ideal conditions, artificial grass can last between 20 to 25 years.

The 3 Factors

There are multiple factors that affect the longevity and durability of your artificial grass, but we’ll keep it to 3 simple factors you can aid in:



1. Quality

photo close zoom of artificial grass

The quality of artificial turf significantly affects its durability. Inferior turf may suffer from issues like loose fibers and tears in the backing, leading to the need for more frequent replacements. That’s why it’s advisable to choose artificial turf with either a polyurethane or latex backing. Bella Turf specifically recommends turf that features higher density and longer fibers. Opting for higher quality artificial turf means fewer replacements and less time spent on artificial grass maintenance.


2. Installation

bella turf suggested installation base model diagram

First, the turf base model is a great indicator in regards to the longevity and survival of artificial grass. A great turf base will help the drainage and flow of any rainwater. Large pools of rainwater will smoothly enter the turf and pass through the base with ease, causing no clogs or excess water. Second, the fake grass will properly adhere to the turf onto the surface. Most importantly, this will prevent the turf from becoming uneven or coming apart. Third, a proper base that is less than 4” deep might have issues with weed growing through the turf. Proper artificial installation goes a long way!


3. Maintenance

sweeping leaves off artificial grass

Artificial grass requires little to no maintenance. However, the little maintenance that you choose to do can go a long way in extending the turf’s lifetime. We recommend taking care of and sweeping away any debris, getting rid of any unwanted weeds, and generally keeping it clean! See our artificial turf maintenance guide.



The truth is, the longevity of artificial grass extends far beyond the warranties offered by suppliers. Artificial grass can last up to 20 to 25 years when maintained and installed properly, and under the optimal conditions. Bella Turf is proud to offer our 15 Year Artificial Grass Warranty.


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Posted On: Saturday April 13, 2024
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