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A quick flip through our current line up of artificial grass to show the difference between the products. Our customers can’t wait to get their hands on a sample so they can feel for themselves, so why not show you right here? Although a visual doesn’t quite do them the justice they deserve, you will have a general idea of how our products stack up against each other by flipping through them with us.

Ever wonder what does artificial grass feel like?

Are you curious about what it feels like to walk on and sit on on artificial grass? How is this artificial grass going to feel on my feet?


Does Artificial Grass feel like Natural Grass?

Synthetic grass looks and feels just like natural grass. Your dog won’t be able to tell the difference, and your children might not be able to either. Synthetic turf is that realistic now. Most people won’t know unless you tell them. However you will want to beware of cheaper, less premium fake grass that may feel too thin or too plastic-like.



Can you go barefoot on artificial grass?

Yes! Since there are no weeds, rocks or stick that can hurt your feet, even running around barefoot on this turf will feel extra comfortable. Today’s artificial turf is a great alternative to real grass for any homeowner who wants practical convenience without compromising comfort.

It can be just as —if not more— cushiony and gentle as real grass and it won’t ever require mowing, watering or weeding! Bring on the foot traffic!


What makes artificial grass feel real?

  1. Premium Blade Design
    When it comes to the look and feel of synthetic turf, the shape of the yarn is a key factor when selecting a product to best suit your needs. If you put a flat yarn or a low-quality yarn, your artificial gras might feel “cheap”. However, if you purchase a synthetic grass such as Bella Turf Cascade Elite, with high-quality WaveBlade fibres, your grass will feel lush and natural just like you desire.
  2. Proper Artificial Grass Installation
    If you don’t install artificial turf properly, you could risk damaging yourself and the artificial grass. Improperly installed artificial turf will be less comfortable, less flat, more bumpy, and more likely to break or tear. If you want comfortable, good looking, realistic artificial grass, make sure to install artificial grass properly.
  3. Use of Turf Underlays, or “Shock Pads”
    Our foam underlay for synthetic turf is like walking on clouds. You can stack multiple layers of our Turf Cloud foam underlay to achieve your ideal fall rating and “comfort level”. You can achieve a variety of different Certified Fall Ratings as per your project’s safety and cushion requirements.Our Turf Cloud Shock Pads can be used as a single 10mm shock pad, or stacked all the way up to 100mm (four inches) for a Certified Fall Rating of >12′ (twelve feet)
  4. Which Infill You Use
    Are you up to date on infill? Infill will make a huge difference in the look and feel of your artificial turf. If you don’t put infill in your synthetic grass, it will be hard and fall over. You won’t be able to keep it looking good for very long, and it won’t be comfortable to walk on.You can use infill such as Wonderful or PureZeo from Bella turf to help you maintain your artificial grass for longer.The infill will make the grass softer and safer for your pets and children and protect your investment.



Artificial Grass that Looks and Feels like Real Grass

Our Artificial Grass has been masterfully designed by Bella Turf so that it feels exactly like a lush, verdant meadow from the Canadian landscapes that you know and love.

With rigorous testing and inspection along with meeting or exceeding all safety standard certifications, Bella Turf has designed turf products that is safe, warranted, and at the top of its class in terms of realism and authentic appearance.


Conclusion: Does Artificial Grass feel like Natural Grass?

We think it feels BETTER than natural grass! Turf is an amazing innovation for anyone with a yard or outdoor space who wants to live their best life.

Those with kids or pets in their homes no longer have to stress about being uncomfortable when on the grass or finding any annoying weeds, bugs, rocks, or twigs and roots.

And the best part is that even pets can get used to using it as a bathroom spot without anyone worrying!

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Posted On: Wednesday January 15, 2020
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