With the seasons changing, here’s a few tips to keep your grass free of debris to keep a clean green space for year round enjoyment.

We’ve received a few questions about removing pine needles from our grass. If this is an issue you may be experiencing, we’ve got your solution. A leaf blower works great for leaves, but does very little to remove needles. In order to properly get the bulk of the needles out of your turf, we highly recommend using a power broom. Not only will this brush the needles out, but it will also revitalize your blades and have your grass looking brand new again. For best results, follow the steps below.

Recommended tools: Leaf rake, power broom, shovel, shop vac, bucket.

• Remove large particles of debris, leaves and sticks from your grass with a leaf rake before power brooming.

• Starting on one side of the grass, brush the needles all the way across in 4-5 foot sections.

• With the needles from the recent section in a long pile, rake and scoop them up as you go. This will prevent having to push the same needles all thew way across your yard.

• Once the needles are all brushed out of the grass, you can do a final clean up around the edges with the shop vac to pick up anything left behind from the power broom.

For all the time you save by NOT having to mow or water your grass, spending an hour or two a couple times a year doesn’t seem so bad considering you get to have a flawless lawn year round.

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