We’re always happy to support our local community. So, we are excited to announce that our Bella Turf Artificial Grass was recently installed in Chilliwack’s new pump track facility.

From the City of Chilliwack press release:

The newly constructed pump track facility at the Landing (9145 Corbould Street) is officially open to riders of all ages. This paved, looping and undulating circuit is designed for bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and more…. In 2019, the City of Chilliwack received additional one-time gas tax revenues, and Council selected this project to fund…. Artificial turf was incorporated into this design to increase durability and reduce maintenance costs for this year-round, outdoor recreational facility.

It also happens to be the largest pump track in North America, according to the City of Chilliwack.

Read the full press release here.

We are big on artificial grass for kids. They love it, it’s safer, it lasts longer, requires less upkeep, and the kids come home less muddy.

If you are local to Chilliwack and are considering installing artificial grass at your chilliwack home, take a look at our dealer locator to find an artificial grass installer near you.

Artificial Grass Installed at Chilliwack's New Pump Track Facility
Artificial grass play area
school playground play area on artificial grass field
artificial grass for soccer field

Our recommended Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

We highly recommend our Cascade Elite artificial grass in combination with our PureZEO Pro artificial grass infill and our Sports Cloud foam underlay for all your children-friendly needs.

Bella Turf playground systems make for a great alternative to real grass, mulch, pea gravel and rubber; offering a premium surface for the myriad of activities to be played on them. Our products are designed to endure the harshest of environments and provide a safe play area day after day. Install artificial turf beneath playground equipment to provide play area at a daycare facility or in your backyard.

More about Cascade Elite:

The Cascade Elite is Bella Turf’s most luxurious artificial grass and is guaranteed to enhance any space it is put in. Not only does this grass look great, it is also one of the toughest grasses available. Built with Bella Turf’s own exclusive WaveBlade™ technology, the Cascade Elite has a one-of-a-kind wave-like structure that allows its grass blades to stand up straight despite heavy traffic or long-term compression. The WaveBlade’s wave-like structure not only makes the Cascade Elite nearly indestructible, it also keeps the grass up to 10° cooler than its nearest competitors. The WaveBlades unique design allows the suns uv rays to deflect in multiple directions leaving the grass with no shine or glare.

Trading out your natural grass for Bella Turf artificial grass will not only gain hours of your free time back to enjoy life, it will also accent your home, create a clean fun usable space for your family and friends to enjoy for years, or to simply allow you to spend more time in your gardens.

With endless applications, whether it’s artificial grass for back yards or front yards, rooftops, indoors or even walls. Bella Turf fake grass will continuously look lush and green.

Bella Turf is Canadian owned and operated and strives to innovate industry leading products designed specifically for our local markets. Our team spans Canada wide and we all share a mutual appreciation and respect for nature. Not only do our products look real, they look like they are meant to be here.

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Posted On: Saturday April 13, 2024
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