Does snow damage artificial grass? No way! This question comes in often and to be honest, we look forward to having the snow on our Bella Turf.

When the ground is frozen and winter is in full swing, just let it be. When temperatures rise and the snow is melting, you can push the snow around however you wish, just be sure to use a plastic shovel.

Due to the superior drainage properties in our grass coupled with the permeability of a proper base build, you will never see slushy snow on the surface of your artificial grass.

The water drains through leaving behind a clean icy snow that the kids play in until it disappears. A heavy snowfall could cause the blades of your grass to become slightly pushed down but don’t worry, a little sun and they stand right back up. The resilience of our shaped yarns is undeniable.

We take pride in offering outdoor play spaces that can be used all year long, take advantage of it and spend more time outside with Bella Turf in your yard?

Last updated on Wednesday, April 13 @ 2:20 pm by Tyler Trowbridge, Bella Turf

Posted On: Saturday April 13, 2024
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