Paw Pro is the top choice artificial grass for pet owners. With its durable Waveblade structure and it’s antibacterial, ultra permeable acrylic backing, Paw Pro is an easy choice to make. It’s simply the best artificial grass for dogs.

Infilled with our naturally green zeolite artificial grass infill, PureZEO Pro, our Paw Pro is the ultimate surface for a @bellaturf pet system.

The new Crest condo community in Lonsdale, North Vancouver is the spotlight project, featuring Paw Pro throughout their brand new dog park.

If you are looking to upgrade your tired lawn for a pet specific solution, Paw Pro is the artificial grass for you. Used and loved by vet clinics, doggie day cares, dog runs and agility training facilities Canada wide.

Pet owners and the dogs themselves stand confidently on Paw Pro from Bella Turf, the best artificial grass for dogs.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Is artificial grass OK for dogs?

It’s more than OK. Dogs and all pets love artificial grass. Our Paw Pro Artificial grass is made with silver ions which help keep it clean and free of bacteria and other microorganisms. If you’re considering artificial grass for your home, this is a great option to consider.

Not only does it help reduce the amount of mud tracked into your home and look attractive year-round, but it also helps keep your pet safe from common household garden pests.

What type of artificial grass is best for dogs?

We recommend an artificial grass with a permeable backing to allow for proper drainage. Some artificial grass, such as Paw Pro from Bella Turf has Silver ions which neutralise bacteria and microorganisms on contact, helping keep your pet’s turf clean, lush and free from infection-causing agents. The cheaper “pad” and “mats” for dogs are less recommended as they are manufactured with lower quality materials and less optimal for your pet’s health.

What size artificial grass is best for dogs?

We recommend an artificial grass with a shorter pile-height, this makes clean up easier. Our Paw Pro artificial grass for pets has a 1.5 inch pile-height. This means the blades stand 1.5 inches tall. The surface area that you will required is based on the size of your dog! If you have a smaller dog, you can get away with a small “square” of artificial grass. However we recommend as big of an area you can make, to keep your pets the most comfy.

Can dogs pee and poop on artificial grass?

Yes! Just like they would on normal “real” grass. Many find that it is EASIER to clean up after your pet on artificial grass since there is no dirt or mud or bugs. If your artificial grass is properly installed, you will not need to worry about pee (urine) on the artificial grass. Urine will drain on it is own, the same way rain water does. For dog poop, you can just scoop it up as you normally would. If you desire, you can use a turf deodorizer like Turf Renu to keep the grass as fresh as possible.

What is the toughest grass for dogs?

Does your dog tear up your natural grass lawn? Worry no more. No more digging with artificial grass. Artificial grass is a tough yet soft and safe alternative for real grass, and dogs absolutely love it. We recommend our pet-first artificial grass, Paw Pro, or our high-traffic artificial grasses such as Cascade Elite and Selkirk Elite, which can stand day after day play time with your beloved pet.

How do I stop my artificial grass from smelling of dog urine?

You can use an artificial grass deodorizer like Turf Renu to keep the grass as fresh as possible. Frequent rain and artificial grass maintenance, such as power brooming and regular cleaning of your dog waste can also assist in the reduction of smell. If it smells, try Turf Renu!

Have Questions?

Should you have any questions feel free to reach out to us: contact us.

Artificial grass with dog house
dog catching frisbee on artificial grass lawn
childs playground on artificial grass lawn in residential backyard
children playing on trampoline submerged within artificial grass lawn backyard

Trading out your natural grass for Bella Turf artificial grass will not only gain hours of your free time back to enjoy life, it will also accent your home, create a clean fun usable space for your family and friends to enjoy for years, or to simply allow you to spend more time in your gardens.

With endless applications, whether it’s artificial grass for back yards or front yards, rooftops, indoors or even walls. Bella Turf fake grass will continuously look lush and green. Don’t worry about your pets, as Paw Pro is the best artificial we have available for dogs.

Bella Turf is Canadian-owned and operated and strives to innovate industry-leading products designed specifically for our local markets. Our team spans Canada-wide and we all share a mutual appreciation and respect for nature. Not only do our products look real, but they also look like they are meant to be here.

Please note: this blog article was last updated on April 13, 2024 and may not be entirely correct at the time of your reading. Bella Turf is not responsible for keeping this information updated. Information included may be out-dated, incorrect, or incomplete.

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Posted On: Wednesday August 11, 2021
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