Everyone has big aspirations to renovate their outdoor living space and we all know that renovations can be quite costly… especially when it comes to outdoor living products.

Artificial grass has numerous benefits such as lessening water usage and removing the need for toxic lawn care treatments. Synthetic Turf has been gaining popularity in Canada in recent years. It’s in all of our best interests to live more environmentally consciously.

Artificial Grass Installation has an initial upfront cost that many aren’t aware of when it comes to purchasing artificial grass. You’ve heard it can be expensive, but you’ve also heard that it can save you time and money down the road. Is Artificial Grass Worth the Money?

Below answer some common questions about artificial grass installation. We also provide information about to help you understand if artificial grass will be a worthwhile investment for your home.

artifificial grass residential homes

The Nitty-Gritty: Artificial Grass Cost Per Square Foot

When it comes down it, the most important metric to know is cost per square foot.

Everybody will have a different sized area they want to cover with artificial grass, so the best way to estimate cost is by calculating it by square footage.

A chart below showing, cost for material alone (if you plan on doing a DIY artificial grass installation) and the cost for professional installation/labour.


Cost Per Square Foot

(Low end)

Cost Per Square Foot

(High End)

Cost Per Square Foot


Artificial Grass and Materials




Labour and Installation




Total Cost




How to calculate: Artificial Grass Cost Per Square Foot 

It’s quite simple but we figured we’ve cover this. Be sure to estimate + or – 10% to prepare for any extra costs.

Square Footage  x  Total Cost Per Square Foot  =  Total Installation Cost

Artificial Grass Quality vs. Cost 

The cost may range due to a wide variety of factors such as the construction quality of the artificial grass (fiber length, backing material – polyurethane versus latex, density) and your property type.

For example, the installation cost will increase if contractors need to excavate rocks or add on an additional layer of the weed barrier due to an overgrowth of weeds on your property.

You might want to choose low-cost artificial grass for specific areas of your property (with less foot traffic) and a more premium product for where you will spend most of your time.

Some artificial grass products come at a higher price point due to their high quality material and build quality, which improve the life expectancy of the grass, it’s resistance to heat, and it’s ability to remain standing tall after years of heavy foot-traffic and use.

Bella Turf is not the cheapest artificial turf as we instead strive for a premium quality product that will last for years and prove to be a positive investment versus a natural lawn.

artificial grass residential homes

Artificial Grass Example Cost Scenarios 

Here are some common examples of square footage in the backyard or front yard. Keep in mind you will not need to cover the entire yard in most cases. Be sure to remove patio slabs, deck areas, trees, gardens, pathways, etc. from your calculations.

Keep in mind—all of these numbers are an approximation. Your costs will depend entirely on your landscape and needs.

Property Type

Square Footage

Example Cost

(DIY Install)

Example Cost

(Professional Install)

Apartment Deck

100 sqft



Townhouse Backyard

500 sqft



Small Backyard

1000 sqft



Large Property

4000 sqft



As you can see the price varies a lot, and it is always best to get a few quotes before choosing your artificial grass and the professional artificial grass installer. Visit our dealer locator to find a artificial grass installer near you.

If you are finding it hard to justify the large upfront costs, it may help to become aware of the ongoing costs of maintaining a natural grass lawn—which may surprise you.

artifificial grass residential homes

Synthetic Grass vs. Natural Grass—Is it worth it in the long-run?

Have you added up the costs (real costs, and time costs) of maintaining that beautiful looking lawn? Ever consider what you could do with that extra time and money? Synthetic grass can be cheaper in the long run.

Artificial Grass

Sod (Natural Grass)

Installation in a 1000 square foot yard

(Materials and Professional
Installation Labour Costs)

$9.80 per square foot

Total: $9,800

$6.75 per square foot

Total: $6,750

First Year Total



Mowing (25 times annually)



Aeration (Once annually)



Fertilizing (3 time annually)



Weed Killer (3 times annually)



Winterize Irrigation (Once annually)



Sprinkler Repair (Once annually)


Spring Irrigation (Once annually)


Water ($65 per month)


Power Rake (Once annually)



Additional Cost Per Year



Total Spent After 4 Years



Total Spent After 7 Years



artificial grass gallery residential photos

Pros and Cons of Artificial Turf

While your neighbors are out mowing their lawns, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy yours without having to lift a finger or dealing with maintenance companies.

Despite the numerous benefits of installing synthetic lawn, it’s not without its potential drawbacks.



No maintenance means no annual costs for fertilizing, watering and mowing the lawn.

Installation is pricier than sod.

Year-round greenery adds beauty in every season.

Improper planning can cost time and money in extra materials and added labor. For example, failing to choose the right base material may cause poor drainage, which can leave turf soggy, moldy and slimy.

No need for chemical fertilizers or herbicides.

Some homeowner’s associations don’t allow installation of synthetic lawns.


Choosing whether to rip out your existing lawn and replace it with synthetic grass is no easy decision. It’s something to talk over with the wife or your hubby. You’ll want to budget and prepared for possible extra artificial grass costs. As a turf supplier in Canada, we deeply understand the astroturf cost per square foot and encourage you to get in touch with one of our fake grass installers if you are looking for cheap turf nearby.

But with that being said, you should not overlook how amazing your life could be with the added luxury of an artificial grass lawn. 

Check our website for more information, we have an Artificial Turf Blog with endless information for your consumption. We recommend chatting with your local artificial grass installer and see some of the product in person. Get multiple quotes specific to your property and be sure you understand what your astroturf cost per square foot is before you make a decision.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us or your local artificial grass installer a call.

Email us and we can recommend the best fake grass installer in your area to provide you a quote on Bella Turf Artificial Grass.

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