Over the past few years we have had countless inquiries about whether or not certain strata councils will allow artificial grass to be installed. In reality .. what is there to not like? More times than not, it is because the artificial grass will look much better than the natural grass surrounding it.

Over time and the benefits becoming clearer, we have seen more and more stratas not only allowing owners to install artificial grass, but also installing it in common areas to add lasting beauty to the property.

If you only have a small grass area, why wouldn’t you want it to be green and usable all year round? Whether it is for your kids, pets or just your own enjoyment, making the switch to a Bella turf artificial lawn is a decision that is quite easy to justify.

Ok, we get it, you live in a strata and don’t need to mow your own lawn. Do your landscapers keep it looking as beautiful as you’d like? Is it green and usable all year long? More times than not, these small lawns are heavily shaded between tall buildings and rarely stay healthy. Some are green for a few months and come rainy season, turn into a swamp.

Out with the old, in with the new. Artificial grass in place of natural grass will make the most of your small yard. Put more effort into your gardens without the worry of a lawnmower making a mess of them every week on landscaping day.

Chances are if you live in a strata, you can install artificial grass in your yard without the need for a seam. This makes for an easy day project that will last decades. All it takes is a letter to your strata for approval and a bit of work on your end and you have a new lawn that can be enjoyed all year long.

Technology has come a long way and our grass looks more realistic than ever. Be the one with the yard envied by your neighbours. Tag #bellaturf and show us what you create.

Posted On: Tuesday August 15, 2017
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