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Bella Turf, like all artificial grass, requires an infill to create a stable base that supports the blades, keeping them upright and maintaining their resilience through years of use.

Without infill, the lifespan of the grass is significantly reduced because the wear affects both the base of the product and the blades themselves. Infill is essential as it enhances the “life” and longevity of your artificial grass surface.

artificial grass infill

Which Artificial Grass Infill should I choose?

If you’re starting your next artificial grass project, you’re going to need more than just artificial grass! Luckily Bella Turf is a one-stop shop for all of your artificial turf supplies and artificial putting green needs.

You have 3 choices of infill to choose from:

Infilling Artificial Grass
pure zeo pro artificial grass infill

PureZEO Pro

PureZEO Pro is Bella Turf’s top selling infill and is recommended for any artificial grass installation. PureZEO Pro is 100% Zeolite; a natural and organic infill that is completely safe for both the environment and your furriest of friends.

If you have a pet, PureZEO Pro is a must have – the Zeolite minerals will absorb any ammonia in the urine while preventing foul odors. PureZEO Pro also captures and holds moisture, releasing it slowly throughout the day.

With the slow release of moisture, PureZEO Pro is able to prevent artificial grass from getting too hot, keeping the artificial grass more enjoyable during hot summer days.

If you’re looking for the perfect infill for your artificial grass installation, PureZEO Pro should be your top choice – your pets will love you for it!

Silica Sand

Landscape Silica Sand makes for a great all purpose artificial grass infill when aesthetics are the only concern.

It will weigh your grass down and keep the blades standing upright.

The finer Putting Green Silica Sand is used in artificial grass putting greens to control the speed of the ball roll. We offer both 20/40 and 50/100 mesh for artificial grass and putting green usage.

silica sand

Wonderfill® Infill

Wonderfill® is safe for your pets and family.

It is a naturally round sand with a ZINC OMADINE® ZOE™ infused vinyl coating that is effective against bacteria, mold, mildew and algae all while being long-lasting and durable. Wonderfill is non-absorbant and will minimize the associated odors caused by pet urine.

Wonderfill® can be used to infill artificial lawns, putting greens, and playgrounds. It keeps turf looking new and natural. Wonderfill® is well graded to ensure excellent drainage.

  • Non-toxic
  • Effective Product
  • Superior Quality
  • Made in the USA
  • UV Resistant
  • Pet Friendly


  • 12/20 Green
  • 16/30 Green
  • 16/30 Green/Black
  • 30/50 Green/Black

How much Artificial Grass infill do I need?

Please reference the following infill quantity guide when installing your artificial grass. However, please note, that select artificial grass products infill recommendations will vary. Always check the infill requirements for your specific choice of Bella Turf artificial grass.

Project Area Infill Weight Sand Infill PureZEO Pro Wonderfill
500 sq ft 1.25 lbs per sqft 13 bags 14 bags 13 bags
500 sq ft 1.5 lbs per sqft 15 bags 17 bags 15 bags
500 sq ft 2 lbs per sqft 20 bags 23 bags 20 bags
1000 sq ft 1.25 lb per sqft 25 bags 28 bags 25 bags
1000 sq ft 1.5 lbs per sqft 30 bags 34 bags 30 bags
1000 sq ft 2 lbs per sqft 40 bags 46 bags 40 bags

Extra Information About Artificial Grass Infill

  • To calculate bags of infill needed for your project, use the equation below:
  • For optimized application, we recommend a blend of 2/3 of the required infill weight of PureZEO Pro as base infill and 1/3 of the required infill weight of Wonderfill as a top dress. This will provide a nice green finish coat.
Artificial grass backyard

Infill for Artificial Grass Putting Greens

Transform your yard into your own golf paradise in just a few easy steps with a professionally cut, pre-made golf green. A backyard putting green that can be installed over the course of a weekend, followed up by many weekends of fun and enjoyment.

Putting Green Kits
(Green only)
Sand Infill Wonderfill (30/50)
10 x 13 kit 5 bags per kit 5 bags per kit
20 x 13 kit 9 bags per kit 10 bags per kit
Putting Green Kits
(Fringe only)
Sand Infill Wonderfill (12/20)
10 x 13 kit 5 bags per kit 3 bags per kit
20 x 13 kit 7 bags per kit 5 bags per kit

Do you have additional questions?

Please reach out to us at Bella Turf, or contact your local Bella Turf dealer. Bella Turf artificial turf products are sold all across Canada.

Please find the closest Bella Turf Dealer to you using our Dealer Locator.

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