Artificial Grass for Backyards Playgrounds and Play Areas

Kids deserve to play as hard as their environment allows them to and Bella Turf can handle it all. Bella Turf playground systems make for a great alternative to real grass, mulch, pea gravel and rubber; offering a premium surface which is overall safer, for the myriad of activities to be played on them. Our products are designed to endure the harshest of environments and provide a safe play area day after day.

Install artificial turf beneath playground equipment to provide play area in your backyard or in facilities like daycares or schools. Artificial Gurf is growing largely in demand and is more and more frequently used in sports arenas and fields because of it’s safety and maintenance benefits.

To create a play area that will be enjoyed on a regular basis, we recommend looking into one of our shaped yarn artificial grass products. Kids deserve to play as hard as their environment allows them and Bella Turf can handle it all. Bella Turf products are adaptable for all play area applications and meet the “Certified Fall Rating” when complemented by the Turf Cloud foam underlay.

Through decades of hands on experience, the Bella Turf product line was designed and created to blend into Canadian landscapes. Our products showcase some of today’s most innovative blades and come in several styles and tones. Bella Turf artificial turf is the highest-quality turf available.


Artificial Turf is the Solution

Artificial Turf and Kids

It is a stain-free, mud-free alternative to natural grass and helps keeps kids clean.

Pets Love It

Dogs and other pet’s often seem to prefer artificial grass and in cases it can reduce possible allergies.

Works Perfectly with Playareas, Playgrounds

You can easily install artificial turf around play sets, play areas, play grounds. When combined with the Bella Turf Turf Cloud product, all Bella Turf products are adaptable for all play area applications and meet the “Certified Fall Rating”.

Artificial Grass Around Pools and Water Areas

Keep the pool clean and elimite pesty debris! Artifical Grass is a great alternative to enjoy around your pool area. It can handle getting wet just fine and with the Turf Cloud Flow product it your drainage is covered. We recommend consulting an Authorized Bella Turf Dealer to perfect your artificial turf installation.

Other Benefits of  Artificial Turf:

Artificial Turf is as just soft as the real thing. It can help to eliminate injuries caused by playground surfaces such as rubber, or wood chips, if your child should unfortunately fall.

No Grass Stains
Keep your child’s clothing stain-free at laundry time!

Break free of the pesky allergens found in natural grass and keep your kids healthy and allergy-free.

Stable in All Climates
Artificial Grass offers stays the same no matter the time of the year, and preforms well in snowy winters and hot summers.

ISO, FIFA, SGS Guidelines 
Bella Turf uses only the highest quality Synthetic Materials. Our surfaces meet all of the following guidelines:

bella turf artificial gras is fifa approved, iso 14001 and iso 9001 certified, passed the sgs rohs test and is sgs fire retardant


The reasons why our customers choose Bella Turf vary, but the end result is always the same—your perfect lawn you’ll love. We take great pride in our customer service and are available to help you through each artificial grass install process.

If you are considering artificial grass for your home or business, please visit one of our respected Bella Turf dealers and get your hands on a sample.

Posted On: Wednesday February 26, 2020
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