If you’re an experienced DIYer, then you may be able to install artificial grass yourself. Some artificial lawn companies, like Bella Turf, include DIY turf install instructions when you purchase their product. If you rather not have to buy a the supplies tools, or don’t have time, it’s best to go with the pro.


How to Install Artificial Grass

Installing artificial grass is labor intensive, but if you’d like to try it, here are the basic “quick” instructions, We have more detailed instructions on our page: Installing Artificial Grass.

  1. Clear the area where you’re going to lay the artificial grass and take out 3”– 12” of sod and dirt.
  2. The area should have a minimum of a 2% slope to facilitate proper drainage. It’s recommended that the surface be compacted to 90%.
  3. Prepare the base, with each layer compacted to 90%.
  4. Lay the artificial grass out in the sun for a few hours to let the turf acclimate. It will be easier to install.
  5. Cut the turf to the desired measurements.
  6. Fasten the turf with 5” – 6” nails, spaced 3” – 4” apart.
  7. Stretch the turf with a carpet stretcher, fastening as you go.
  8. Apply seam tape on all seams to the bottom side of the turf.
  9. Use a drop spreader to apply infill and hand or a power broom.


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Hiring an Artificial Grass Installer

If you rather not have to buy a the supplies tools, or don’t have time, it’s best to go with the pro. Find quality artificial grass installers who live near you and determine which one is the best fit for your situation. Be sure to check these things about artificial grass before hiring a pro.

  • Check the warranty policies.
  • Check the online reviews from HomeGuide and Google.
  • Check their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating.
  • Check their insurance policy, and business license is in date.
  • Take the time to look at homes where they’ve installed artificial grass.
  • Make sure all your agreed-upon terms are in writing.
  • Be sure the product you purchase is appropriate for what you plan to use it for. Not sure which Artificial Grass product to purchase?


Bella Turf product is sold exclusively through Authorized Bella Turf Dealers located across Canada. Please use our Dealer Locator to locate an artificial grass installer near you.

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Posted On: Saturday November 30, 2019
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