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Ditching the natural lawn? We don’t blame you.

So… you’re thinking about ripping out the natural lawn in the front yard and replacing that nightmare with some fresh new artificial grass?

Well, you are far on your way to a future of a maintenance-free lawn with artificial grass and we encourage you to take the jump and experience the bliss that is artificial grass, also called “fake grass” or “synthetic turf”. It’s eco friendly and it is truly one of those things only a few get to experience.


Now to decide which Artificial Grass to purchase…

With so many different brands and types of artificial turf, it can sometimes be cumbersome to decide upon which product will fit your landscaping needs best. We receive many emails with different questions about which synthetic grass product to choose, and how to choose the right synthetic lawn, etc.

Some helpful resources:

We do have a number of articles here on our website bellaturf.ca that go over the numerous different topics that you could need information on, so we, of course, encourage you to check those out.

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We also have many artificial grass videos that may be of assistance in your fake grass buying journey.


The Artificial Turf Buyer’s Guide

This article is meant to serve as a “Buyers Guide” on the few essential items that you need to confirm before you pull the trigger on your new investment. So, if you’ve decided you are ready to install and just don’t know which fake grass to choose, read no more… the “Artificial Turf Buyer’s Guide” is as follows…

We boiled it down to the most critical points you need to think about:


1. Type Of Use

The type of use is the first thing you want to consider. For most, the main use is to replace a natural lawn in the front or back yard with a synthetic lawn. Other uses could be synthetic turf for sports, commercial landscaping use, fake grass for low-traffic areas, or for use indoors. The type of use will determine the SHAPE of the artificial grass blades/yarn that you want to purchase.

If you are using artificial grass in your home yards, consider the following types of use:

Ornamental/show lawn
A low trafficked artificial lawn intended to improve the aesthetics of a garden whilst dramatically reducing maintenance. You might want to consider artificial grass with flat yarn or flat blades.

Family lawn/play area
A heavily-trafficked artificial lawn that receives high levels of usage all year round. You will not want to use a flat-yarn grade, you will want shaped-yard grasses, which are longer, shaped, and stronger, to be resilient against heavy foot traffic. Some shaped-yarn blade types you can consider would be WaveBlades, U-Shaped, Soft Blade, or Diamondblade artificial grass. You can learn more on our artificial grass products page.

Pet-friendly lawn – a heavily trafficked area that will also need to handle urine and excrement.

Pets, especially dogs, love artificial grass! If you have pets to consider, you will need to use an artificial grass suit for this purpose. At Bella Turf we would recommend our Artificial Grass product specifically designed for pets, Paw Pro.

Lawn for garden parties and entertaining – an occasionally heavily trafficked area able to cope with spillages and stains.

For entertaining and hosting events you will need to be extra cautious with low-quality artificial grass. Low-quality artificial grass is not suited for these type of events and could be ruined easily. We would recommend a high-performance product such as one of our artificial grass products from Bella Turf. We recommend something with a shaped-blade, which will bounce back and stand tall even after heavy foot traffic.

All-rounder – some or all of the above.

Ultimately you will want to choose the highest quality artificial turf for your budget. Artificial grass will last you up to 10 years if you buy a premium product, so you should not be worried about saving a few dollars here or there. Think in the long-term and consider this as an investment to your property. Review your budget and choose the best quality product you can. Consider visiting your local landscape store nearest you to touch and feel a sample product.

Bella Turf Artificial Grass Blade Types

different blade shapes available for artificial grass


3. Consider Kids and Pets

The benefits of having our eco friendly artificial grass as a parent are tremendous. You can feel save that you child is not playing with harmful debris in the natural grass, you can be happy that they aren’t tracking mud into the house, and you can also feel safe that if your child falls on artificial grass, as it is actually softer and safer than the normal grass and ground. (PS: Don’t forget you also don’t have to weed or mow the lawn either!)

If you have children, you may want to consider adding a foam underlay to the artificial grass, to absorb shock and make the grass more cushiony. For more information check out or Turf Cloud or Turf Cloud Flow products.

artificial grass lawn against pool side with slide in residential backyardartificial grass with trampoline in backyardchild playing in the sprinkler running on artificial grass


4. Your Environment

You may be asking, how do I decide on the colour, shape, texture of the artificial grass I buy? Well, the best way to answer that is—it’s ultimately your choice!  But we do recommend helping nature guide you. Take a look at your existing yard area, observe the landscape and assess the colours of the environment. Imagine your yard with your environmentally friendly new turf in mind.

Take pictures of your lawn and bring them to your local artificial turf installer (use our locater to find one near you!) to compare products, and/or bring a sample home from your local landscape store. Look at the different colour options of artificial grass online but be wary that the colours may not be exact to real life.

The best way is truly to get down to earth with your landscaping and understand the way it looks, and try to match the existing environment. Installing the right colour and texture synthetic lawn will make a huge difference in the long-run.

different color swatches of artificial grasses


 5. The Warranty and Manufacturing Quality Standards

Once you’ve locked in the level of quality, the colour, and any additional requirements for your synthetic lawn, you might be asking, which brand is best?

Every different type of artificial grass will be different and will boast different pros and cons, but we always recommend staying sure with their product warranty and manufacturing standards. Some brands offer 5 year, 10 year, or 15 year warranties on their product. Some brands and installers will have their own coverage on the actual installation process. We recommend reading up on this before putting the money down. You can view our 10-year warranty here.

Manufacturing standards are also a big deal and to protect yourself you will want artificial grass with ISO and SGS certifications. Bella Turf uses only the highest quality Synthetic Materials. Our surfaces meet all of the following guidelines:

bella turf artificial grass product certifications, fifa, iso 14001, iso 9001, sgs rohs test, sgs fire retardant


The reasons why our customers choose Bella Turf vary, but the end result is always the same—perfect lawn you’ll love. We take great pride in our customer service and are available to help you through each step of the purchase and grass install process.

If you are considering artificial grass for your home or business, please visit one of our respected Bella Turf dealers and get your hands on a sample.


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