Invisible seams are always the goal when it comes to the perfect artificial grass installation. Using the correct amount of glue can make or break a great seam, here’s why.

TurfTac is one of the strongest seam adhesives on the market and expands up to 200% once cured.  If the glue is applied in excess, you will find your seams to be raised and often find hardened glue that has made its way up through the seam.

To avoid any issues like the above, be sure to spread the TurfTac evenly down your seam tape leaving behind no blobs or puddles. We recommend using a flat blade plastic spreader which can be found at your local dealer or even hardware store.

When applied correctly, the adhesive will expand up between the tufts in the backing of your turf to create a permanent bond. Too much glue will cause the turf to lift up from the seam tape creating a bump down your seam.

If this happens on an install, the only sure way to rectify the issue is to completely cut the over-glued seam out and seam in a new piece, (which actually requires two seams.)

Save yourself the headache and the extra work, apply a nice thin coat of TurfTac before laying your seam and be sure to wait it down until the glue is cured. Once the glue is cured, two pieces of Bella Turf are forever joined together as one, happy seaming, show us your work!

installing artificial grass in home owners backyard

Posted On: Tuesday January 21, 2020
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