A Pet Friendly Infill that keeps your grass cool

PureZEO Pro is Bella Turf’s top selling infill and is recommended for any installation. PureZEO Pro is 100% Zeolite; a natural and organic infill that is completely safe for both the environment and your furriest of friends. If you have a pet, PureZEO Pro is a must have – the Zeolite minerals will absorb any ammonia in the urine while preventing foul odors. PureZEO Pro also captures and holds moisture, releasing it slowly throughout the day. With the slow release of moisture, PureZEO Pro is able to prevent artificial grass from getting too hot, keeping the artificial grass more enjoyable during hot summer days. If you’re looking for the perfect infill for your artificial grass installation, PureZEO Pro should be your top choice – your pets will love you for it!

COOLER on the hottest days
ODOR BLOCKER for happier pets and owners!
TIME SAVINGS low-maintenance product
PET FRIENDLY your pets will thank you!
10 year bella turf artificial turf warranty seal
pure zeo artificial grass infill

Natural Zeolite Minerals

An All Natural, 100% Environmentally Safe Infill

PureZEO Pro is made from 100% Pure Zeolite minerals. Zeolite minerals have a honeycomb shape that quickly drains heavy rainfall while allowing it to hold on to moisture for extended periods of time. Typically used in water filtration systems, Zeolite will capture moisture and slowly release it throughout the day, lowering the temperature of the artificial grass. The honeycomb structure of the Zeolite also makes it a perfect option for any pet application. When a pet urinates, the PureZEO Pro will kill any ammonia in the urine and eliminate odours from seeping through. Removing urine from PureZEO Pro is as easy as it gets; simply hose it down or wait for rainfall to rinse it out.

PureZEO Pro is an all natural infill. This makes it one of the most environmentally safe choices for infill. It is completely non-toxic, safe to touch and does not produce any dust after it has been installed. As an all natural product, PureZEO Pro does not pose any risk to pets or small children if it is accidentally ingested in small amounts. PureZEO Pro is the ultimate infill that your pets will love you for.

Unlike the Wonderfill, PureZEO Pro will compact from traffic, making it ideal for low to medium traffic applications as well as pet applications. To get the best possible results and help keep your artificial grass in perfect condition, use a mixture of both PureZEO Pro and Wonderfill in your installation.

PureZEO Pro is hands down the BEST pet friendly infill.

— Maria Kamyszek


The ideal systems for the PureZEO Pro artificial grass infill

Pet friendly artificial grass icon

Pet System

Perfect for a house with pets

Landscape artificial grass icon

Designer Landscapes

Any low-traffic landscape areas

Posted On: Tuesday September 1, 2020
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