Pet specific grass with permeable antimicrobial backing

With the rising popularity of pet applications, Bella Turf has created a grass that is aesthetically pleasing for you, and functionally practical for them. The all-new Paw Pro features our durable Waveblade structure grass stitched into an acrylic backing infused with antimicrobial properties. This backing contains silver ion, as it is well known for being safe for pets and children while also proving effective against a wide range of microorganisms. Paw Pro was designed and build to be the best artificial grass for dogs. Paw Pro is our most adaptable grass yet. The acrylic backing allows water to drain through much quicker making it the ideal surface for pets, patios, decks & balconies.

Not only does this grass look great, it is also one of the toughest grasses available. Built with Bella Turf’s own exclusive WaveBlade structure technology, the Paw Pro has a one-of-a-kind wave-like structure that allows its grass blades to stand up straight despite heavy traffic or long-term compression. The WaveBlade’s wave-like structure not only makes the Paw Pro nearly indestructible, it also keeps the grass up to 10° cooler than its nearest competitors. The WaveBlade’s unique structure and design allows the sun’s uv rays to deflect in multiple directions leaving the grass with no shine or glare. These are a few advantages that make Paw Pro the top pick for pet and dog applications. Give your yard the ultimate play surface and say goodbye to those muddy paws.

10º COOLER on the hottest days
ELEGANT and lush aesthetic
NO SHINE or glare grass blades
DURABLE WaveBlade™ Structure
ULTRA-SOFT that feels like pure heaven
PET FRIENDLY your pets will thank you!
10 year bella turf artificial turf warranty seal


Bella Turf offers the most realistic artificial grass you will ever see. We have artificial grass for every situation and it is easy to buy and simple to install.

close up photo showing artificial grass texture
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WaveBlade™ Technology

Custom designed, ultra-durable, wave-like grass structure

In 2015, Bella Turf set out to design the next-generation in artificial grasses, something that was unlike anything available in the market today. The mission was to build a blade that would stand up against the worst punishment anyone could give it and still come out looking brand-new. This technology not only had to be durable, but it also had to meet their highest standards of realism both aesthetically and by touch. By early 2016, that next-generation had finally arrived with Bella Turf’s WaveBlade™ technology.

Bella Turf’s WaveBlade™ technology integrates a wave-like blade structure that makes it 5x more durable than other brands of artificial grass. This durability helps it stand up against serious punishment. For example, if a heavy object was left on top of a WaveBlade™ structure artificial grass, the grass blades would bounce-back to their upright position. Since the grass blades stand tall instead of laying to the side, the WaveBlade™ structure artificial grass always appears as if it was a fresh, lush and recently mowed artificial grass. This aesthetic will improve your yard and make your property look more elegant and more expensive.



Grass Tolerance

Paw Pro can handle heavy foot and paw traffic. It is built for punishment and is the ideal artificial grass for pets.


Paw Pro is a top choice for any of your residential applications. It is artificial grass designed for pet applications and, due to its shorter pile height, Paw Pro also makes a great patio and balcony grass.

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Pet System

Perfect for a house with pets

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All Landscapes

Perfect for home or commercial use

Product Specifications

Everything you’ll need to know – and more!


Bella Turf offers the most realistic artificial grass you’ll ever see. We have artificial grass for every situation and it’s easy to buy and simple to Install.

Infill Options

The recommended infills for your next project

Pet-friendly Artificial Turf Infill

PureZEO Pro

1.25 lbs per sq ft


1.5 lbs per sq ft

Posted On: Thursday September 14, 2017
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